Understanding Human Design Book Study


Tired of Trying to Understand Your Human Design Chart on Your Own?


You are invited to join the book study on “Understanding Human Design”

“Understanding Human Design” by Karen Curry

Understanding Human Design Book

A 10 Week Journey Through Your Human Design Chart

February 6 – April 10, 2018 

2:00 – 3:15 Eastern


What is Human Design? 

The late spiritual teacher Ra Uru Hu developed Human Design  in the latter 20th century. It is a synthesis of several ancient wisdom systems which are brought together through a practical understanding of how we’re affected by quantum mechanics. Human Design shows you how you were imprinted by the influences around you, both at the time of your birth and when you were gestating in the womb.

Your Human Design chart is calculated by using your birth date, time, and location to map out a specific set of personality traits and a life path that reflects your imprinting. It is an extremely accurate guide to understanding your personality, and it also provides you with guidelines on how you can deal with recurring themes and challenges that you encounter.

What is the “Understanding Human Design” Book Study?

This is a series of group gatherings which are focused on studying and applying the material in Karen Curry’s book, “Understanding Human Design”. During each group meeting you will explore the information that is in the chapter of focus. 

The discussion is geared toward assisting you in understanding your Human Design chart, and applying what you learn to your daily life. 


Why participate in this book study? 

If you have the book on your shelf or are interested in getting it, this book study will help you go beyond the intellectual understanding of Human Design. You will have the opportunity to delve into your own personal alignment with your design.

This group is facilitated by a Level 4 Human Design Specialist who is certified by Karen Curry. So you will get knowledgeable guidance and support as you work your way through your own Human Design chart while reading the book. In this way, you will grow, make change, and see real results in your life.

What’s Included

  • Ten facilitated group sessions via video conference
    • Discuss the book
    • Ask questions
    • Share experiences
  • Support to help you integrate the material you’re studying
    • Guidance and suggestions on how to put what you learn about your design into practice.
  • Recordings of each group session to review at your leisure
    • You do not have to be present at each group meeting. If you miss a meeting you can catch up with the recording.
  • The opportunity to get a Human Design reading at a reduced fee
    • Some restrictions apply


The 2018 Schedule

February 6 – April 10

2:00 – 3:15 Eastern

  • Introduction to Human Design
    • Chapter 1: Navigating Your Chart – February 6
    • Chapter 2: The Five Personality Types – February 13 
    • Chapter 2: Decision Making Authority – February 20
  • The Energy Centers
    • Chapter 3: The Nine Centers – February 27 
  • The Lines and Profiles
    • Chapter 4: The Lines and Profiles – March 6
  • Gates and Circuits
    • Chapter 5: The Gates – March 13
    • Chapter 6: The Major Circuits – March 20
    • Chapter 7: The Individual Subcircuits – March 27
    • Chapter 8: The Tribal Subcircuits – April 3
    • Chapter 9: The Collective Subcircuits – April 10


About the Book

Order the Book

Understanding Human Design Book“In Understanding Human Design: The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are, author Karen Curry walks you through the sometimes complex and intimidating Human Design chart with simple, direct language. You will learn about each level of Human Design, from the most basic elements of the chart to the deeper, more nuanced insights Human Design offers, all in an approachable  and interesting way. Understand how every line, intersection, and symbol correlates to a personality trait that can directly affect your life with an experienced guide by your side.”

– Taken from the book cover


About the Facilitator

edit-1-2Sandy Freschi is a Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist who received her initial training and certification from Karen Curry Parker (author of “Understanding Human Design”). She takes an eclectic approach to her ever-deepening understanding of this complex system, and has studied a variety of material from multiple different sources… to include the “Living Your Design” program from the International Human Design School, “The Gene Keys” by Richard Rudd, Foundational Classes for business and Human Design from the BG5 Business Institute, and other ongoing studies. 

Sandy believes that the wisdom of Human Design is already encoded within you. She strives to make the information of the system as accessible as possible, so that you can easily apply it to your life and unlock your own truth.


What Others Say

“Wow! You are taking extra special good care of us!” – K. Wylie

“I so enjoyed being a part of yesterday’s class… lovely group and good information…”  – C.W.

“Sandy I just wanted to say that I really love the way you listen to us, your big-hearted unfaltering compassion, how you have broken the Human Design information down into bit size pieces for us to digest & assimilate … Hugs of Love, Karen”