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The Undefined Spleen + Blitz Mini-Sessions

Undefined Spleen - One Gift and One Challenge Want to learn about how having an undefined spleen center can be a gift and a challenge? Watch this interview with Bingz Huang... 4/6 Generator and healer extraordinaire! Bingz shares how one of her greatest healing gifts comes from having an undefined spleen. She also shares her experience with… Continue reading The Undefined Spleen + Blitz Mini-Sessions

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Realigning the Need to Perfect

 Something inside me snapped yesterday. I could attribute it on the super full moon and lunar eclipse, or just the fact that I had had enough. Whatever the cause, the result is a massive realignment in the way I go about how I perfect my business. The need to perfect is hardwired into me through… Continue reading Realigning the Need to Perfect

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The Defined Spleen and Health

In the last post we talked about how the defined spleen center is like a cat. In Human Design, the spleen is the center of vitality. It knows the right timing of things. It's awareness is about the now. Not only is the spleen about instinct in the now, but it's also about vitality and… Continue reading The Defined Spleen and Health

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How Not to Get Stuck in the Drama-Sphere

Have you been feeling distracted lately? Are you having dips in your emotions and energy levels? There's a lot going on in the "drama-sphere" right now that can leave you feeling insecure, powerless, overwhelmed and uncertain.  Here's a little reminder... You can't really trust that you're accurately seeing what's happening out there in the world… Continue reading How Not to Get Stuck in the Drama-Sphere

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A Human Design Perspective on Writer’s Block

If you're a writer or blogger, or if you struggle to create content consistently for your business, it may be because the energy is not present for you to express when you're trying to push yourself to meet a deadline. This video is one explanation of this experience through the lens of my personal experience… Continue reading A Human Design Perspective on Writer’s Block

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Can You Really Fake It Til You Make It and Be Happy?

Does the "Fake it til you make it" approach to success really work? Will you actually be fulfilled and happy if you follow this advice? You can fake your business persona... put on a new suit for a job interview (as an example).. and people may respond to you differently. You may in turn carry yourself… Continue reading Can You Really Fake It Til You Make It and Be Happy?

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Where to Start With Human Design

Many people tell me that their first look at their Human Design chart can be both intriguing and off-putting at the same time. When they first look at their bodygraph they often feel like they recognize something in it that has value to them, but they’re not sure what it is. And when they read the keynotes that indicate your energy “type”, “strategy”, “authority” and “profile”, they are often compelled to do a dogged internet search to make sense of these terms.

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Do You Need Human Design?

A first look at your Human Design chart may cause your eyes to glaze over. And even if you are somewhat familiar with its various components … astrology, the I’Ching, the Kabbalah tree of life, the Hindu chakra system and quantum mechanics… you may still be left wondering what it all means and why you need to know it.

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How to Manifest Success When You’re Designed to Wait

You have probably heard this meme about waiting ... "Good things come to those who wait". But what if you tried it and it didn't turn out that way? In the last post we explored how each Human Design energy type can get distracted from discerning what is truly their's to do. In this post we will explore… Continue reading How to Manifest Success When You’re Designed to Wait