Decode Your Spleen Center to Feel Alive and Thrive


Are Fear, Insecurity or Your Physical Health Keeping You from Flourishing and Feeling Good? 


You can feel fully alive and thrive when decode your spleen center’s wisdom and messages.  


“Splenic Clinic”

Open to all Human Design Enthusiasts

4 Video Lessons * 4 Live Group Q&A’s

Bonus Class on Decision Making for the Spleen Authority

Registration Closed for the Entire Splenic Clinic Series.

You can still sign up for the Splenic Authority class!



What’s the Spleen Center and Why is it Important?

On the left side of your Human Design bodygraph is a triangle that represents the spleen center. It governs the immune system and carries the themes of survival, timing, instinct and vitality.

When you’re reacting to fear or not feeling healthy, it’s probably because you’ve missed an important message from your spleen.

Everyone has a spleen center. How you work with the energy of your spleen depends on whether it’s defined (colored in) or undefined (white). When you understand the messages that your spleen is giving you, you unlock the code to your physical vitality and zest for life.

I have a Defined Spleen Center. How will I benefit from this workshop?

If you have a defined spleen center, you have a fixed way of processing the energy of the spleen center. When you understand your hardwiring for dealing with your physical health, processing fear, and (in some cases) making decisions, you can cultivate a stronger sense of well being and vitality.

I have an Undefined Spleen Center. What will I get from this workshop?

Your undefined spleen center has an inconsistent way of dealing with the themes of physical health and fear. You can be easily thrown out of balance if you’re not aware of how to process spleen energy. It serves your health and well being to understand how the spleen center functions. In this workshop, you will develop the awareness how you get out of alignment with what’s healthy for you, and what you can do about it.

How it Works

A recorded video class about each topic will be emailed to you a few days before the live Q&A meeting. You will watch the video, and bring your questions to the live Q&A. We will meet on a Zoom conference line for our live sessions. Recordings of each Q&A session will also be made available to you.

Q&A Meeting Schedule:
May 10th, 7:00 pm EST: Part One – Get in Touch with Your “Feel-Good”
May 17th, 7:00 pm EST: Part Two – Understanding Survival Fears
*May 24th, 6:00 pm EST: Part Three – Defined Spleen Issues 
*May 24th, 7:00 pm EST: Part Four – Undefined Spleen Issues
May 31st, 7:00 pm EST: *Bonus – Splenic Authority (You will be given a separate link to register for this, after the first week of class.)

Watch the Introduction



Get in Touch with Your “Feel-Good” 

  • Learn about the role the spleen center plays in your sense of well being, intuition and safety.
  • Discover how your spleen speaks and what it’s trying to tell you.
  • Develop awareness and trust in your spleen center’s way of processing energy.

Understanding Survival Fears

  • Learn about the survival themes of fear that can be experienced through the spleen center.
  • Discover what these fears are really telling you.
  • Develop an awareness of how you’re designed to process survival fears.

Themes of the Defined Spleen

  • Learn about the balanced and unbalanced expression of the defined spleen center.
  • Discover the common challenges that people with the defined spleen face.
  • Defined Spleen… Identify when your defined spleen center is in a balanced or unbalanced state.
  • Undefined Spleen … develop an awareness of how you can be conditioned and influenced by splenic energy.

Themes of the Undefined Spleen

  • Learn about the balanced and unbalanced expression of the undefined spleen center.
  • Discover the common challenges of the that people with the undefined spleen face.
  • Undefined Spleen… Identify when your undefined spleen center is in a balanced or unbalanced state.
  • Defined Spleen … develop an awareness of how you can condition others with your splenic energy.

*Bonus – Decision Making with a Splenic Authority

  • Learn about how the types of splenic authority.
  • Discover the common challenges people with a splenic authority face when making decisions.
  • Develop an awareness of how your splenic authority may feel when it’s alerting you to a decision.

Register for Decision Making with a Splenic Authority