Soul Design Consultation

How to use your soul-level gifts to be fulfilled and abundant

A Soul Design Consultation is open to all who want to deepen their spiritual awareness and share their soul gifts. It’s the pre-requisite for more advanced healings and activations in the Akashic Records. It’s especially helpful for people who’ve been working with their Human Design experiment and want to have more tangible results in their life and business.

Your Spiritual Self Discovery Starts Here

The Soul Design Consultation is the pre-requisite for more advanced healings and activations in the Akashic Records.

Discover who you are at soul-level

  • Your soul origins
  • Your fundamental soul characteristics
  • Your gifts that are an expression of your soul’s creative energy
  • The way you’re designed to work with spiritual energy to manifest your soul’s desires
  • The general make up of your personal guide team

Strengthen your spiritual connection

  • Discover how to work with your soul-level gifts to get access to more of your creative energy
  • Deepen your connection with your soul and channel your Divine essence into your human life
  • Get coaching and guidance on how to best utilize the information that was revealed during your session to create desired results in your life

When appropriate, insights about your Human Design blueprint are woven into the conversation. You are a soul who’s having a human experience and it’s important to connect the two aspects of you in an integrated way.

Human Design Enthusiasts Need This When…

You’ve been following your Human Design strategy for a while and your life’s still not lining up…

You may feel like something’s missing, but can’t quite put your

finger on it. You know you have gifts that you want to share, but you just can’t bring them out. Maybe you’ve been waiting a while for the right person or career opportunity to show up. Perhaps your business hasn’t taken off in the way that you had hoped.

If you’ve been waiting for a long time for your life to come together and you feel that you’re living from your strategy authority, you’re not doing your Human Design experiment wrong. You just haven’t turned on all of your soul-level energy yet.

You have gifts and characteristics that are always with you, regardless of which human life you happen to be living. These attributes are the source of your creative energy. If you aren’t using them you won’t fully experience the life that your Human Design blueprint has laid out for you… not matter how long you wait or how much you align.

A Soul Design Consultation turns you onto your soul-level gifts and helps you to figure out how to use them to the fullest.

How It Works

01 Soul Record Research

I use a meditative process and a logical system of questioning that puts me in touch with your soul information in the Akashic records.

The Akashic records is a consciousness field that holds the history of your soul throughout all of its incarnations.

The work done on your behalf is always purposeful and supportive of your spiritual expansion in a practical and balanced way.

silver and blue stone ring

02 Two Live Sessions

We’ll meet via Zoom to discuss the findings and explore ways that you can apply what you discover about yourself to your real life situation.

We’ll briefly meet again a few weeks later. This will help you to continue to refine your understanding of yourself.

The sessions will be recorded if technology cooperates.


Package Price – $300

What You Get


Prior to our first meeting, I dig deep into the Akashic Records to retrieve all of the pertinent information about your soul attributes, history, and gifts.

Our first meeting is where we explore your soul information and get insights into how to work with your soul to improve your current life concerns.

Our second meeting is where we deepen your integration work. Ask questions. Share insights. Establish next steps to deepen your spiritual awareness.

Live meetings are done via Zoom. Recordings are provided (technology willing). You will get guidance between sessions to help you integrate and apply the information you’re learning about yourself.


What People Say

“… you are so powerful, gifted, and tuned in! … What you provided me in this session both relaxed me to my core and also excited me that I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to do and this will continue to guide me for years to come. So thank you dear Sandy!”


Akashic Records Expert, Founder, Body Energy Connection

Returning Clients Inquire Here

Have we worked together in the past 12 months? You can get a Soul Design Consultation as a single session offering.

Single Sessions and Packages

For returning clients only!

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