Live from Your Wisdom – Monthly Guidance

Are Life’s Pressures Keeping You from Being Fiercely Confident in Your Inner Wisdom?


  • Do you frequently get overwhelmed and distracted by worry, emotions or fear?
  • Are you concerned that life isn’t moving in the direction of your highest desires?
  • Do you just wish you knew what to do next?

Let’s face it, the pace of life is stressful these days. If you have a sensitive and empathic nature your stress is compounded!  You feel the pain and stress of others in a deep way. And every little shift and change around you puts you on high alert.

It’s hard to do what’s best for you when you’re overwhelmed by outside disruptions. You can’t relax. You struggle with fear and anxiety, and your ability to trust yourself disappears.

Imagine How Much Better You Would Feel if You Could ….

  • Relax in the midst of fear and anxiety
  • Trust yourself in the face of uncertainty
  • Make clear choices that bring more ease into your life
  • Act with courage when the timing is right

You came into life to discover and live from the truth of who you are.  All of the answers about you are already within you. Outside stress, societal conditioning, thoughts, fears, and ego based intentions distort your perception of reality, and limit you from experiencing the ultimate truth about yourself… that you are a divine being on a quest to create a life that allows your spirit to flow easily through your physical reality.

Sometimes it Takes Some Extra Guidance to …

  • See beneath the surface of life and understand the real meaning of the events, circumstances and situations.
  • Move beyond your perceived restrictions and harmonize with the big picture that’s possible for you.
  • Dissolve old conditioned patterns and live a more empowered life.
  • Make decisions that naturally uplift you and put you into the flow.
  • Overcome your challenges with greater ease and confidence.

Live From Your Wisdom Monthly Guidance is Right for You If….

  • You’re at a turning point in your relationships, life situation or career and you don’t know which way to go.
  • You want to trust your intuition to align more deeply with your Human Design.
  • You need energetic intervention to dissolve old conditioned patterns and clear away stagnant the energy that keeps you from living an empowered and authentic life.
  • You want to start or enhance your daily spiritual practice of journalling, meditation or contemplation.
  • You need help seeing what you need to do to make the next breakthrough in your life.

How It Works…

This is a monthly package of guidance and support which draws upon intuition, energy dynamics and Human Design. You get the guidance you need to cultivate a deeper sense of trust in your own inner spirit.

**** You do not have to know anything about Human Design to benefit from this work! ****

Week 1 – You register and schedule your first one to one appointment for the following week. Within 48 hours of registering, you will receive an intuitive message that is brought through just for you. This message sets the focus for the month. You will also receive some ideas for how to work with the message prior to our first meeting.

Week 2 – You attend a 30 to 40 minute meeting to work with the issues and insights that came up from working with the message. *One to one meetings may include a combination of intuitive guidance, energy clearing or Human Design guidance, depending on what is needed at the time.

Week 3 – You check in by email to get further guidance and support. You may receive another intuitive message at this time, if needed, to guide you in the deepening of your wisdom and insight.

Week 4 – You attend a 30 to 40 minute meeting to wrap up the work for the month and establish concrete next steps in your journey.

You also receive ongoing Energetic Support – Behind the scenes throughout the month

You will be able to record the meetings to review as needed


One Month $200 

Three Months $180 / Month

What Others Say…

Yesterday’s session was incredibly powerful.  Your calm and clear voice in the midst of my emotional release with words confirming my place on the planet and how I operate most effectively were affirming and very comforting.  I felt seen and heard on a very deep level.  

To have access to information based on my Human Design is invaluable.  I have met with a few counselors over the years.  A couple of them were very skilled in their craft, but I don’t recall ever feeling seen for who I truly am.  …  Much easier to get to the heart of the matter as far as self discovery goes using Human Design and intuition.  

The intuitive message you sent prior to our meeting felt right on the mark.  … I really appreciate having the intuitive message to refer to as I’m doing my inner work each day.  It gives me a point of reference for my meditation time each day, something to move toward and expand in my space.  – Julie A.

 I really appreciated the energy you were coming from, it created a ease and a automatic trust in my universe…
-Michelle B.

A Note from Sandy Freschi

Dear Sensitive and Empathic Soul,

We are in the midst of collective storm surges that promise to bring about huge transformational change. Your role in these changes is crucial. And how you fulfill your role depends very much on how well you manage the energy that’s literally moving through you from others and the world around you.  You have to be clear, grounded, present and supported in order to navigate these very strong waves of change in an empowered way.

Your sensitivity is your greatest gift. But if you’re overwhelmed by what’s coming to you and literally through you, you will not fully understand it’s purpose or be able to work with it’s true power.

How do I know this? Because I live with my own empathic and sensitive nature everyday. I’ve learned techniques and developed my own practices for staying clear and aligned in the midst of chaos. And while my practices may not be your practices, I have worked with hundreds of people like you, and have helped them find their own practices to develop their deep inner wisdom, clarity and courage.

Your empathic nature needs support and guidance in these tumultuous times. And even though you may already be somewhat familiar with your Human Design chart, and are living your strategy as best as you can, you would benefit from a deeper focus that goes beyond the Human Design reading.

When I look at your Human Design chart I get an understanding of you that goes way beyond the data on the page. Intuition kicks in. Your soul begins to speak. And I get guidance about you that doesn’t get fully explored in the scope of traditional Human Design. My soul is calling me to expand and meld the logical system of Human Design with the empathic feeling and intuitive skills that I’ve studied and developed over time.

If this speaks to you, I invite you on this journey to deepen your relationship with your inner wisdom … cultivate a stronger intuition for yourself … and to take the next steps of your journey with fierce confidence and joy.


Sandy Freschi