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Individual and Partnership Sessions

If you have not yet had a reading of your individual Human Design chart, start with the Human Design Overview. A partnership session is appropriate when you want to explore current and potential family relationships, friendships, romantic partnerships and work relationships.


Human Design Overview

This is the place to start when you are totally new to Human Design and want to get a thorough understanding of how you can make decisions you trust.

Get a clear and insightful introduction to your Human Design chart.


  • how to you are designed to make decisions that you can trust
  • the role you are here to play in the lives of others
  • your strengths and weaknesses
  • how to manage your energy and honor your uniqueness

Are you already familiar with your Human Design?

You can use your session to go deeper and discover…

  • your life purpose
  • your communication style
  • your relationship style
  • the significant cycles in your life
  • the life challenges and themes you are here to master

You can also use your session to focus upon a specific area of your life where you need guidance and clarity.

Partnership Sessions 

Having trouble understanding your significant other, child or work partner?

Do you want to know what you’re getting into before you commit to a relationship or hire a new employee?

Partnership sessions will give you the clarity you need. You will discover…

  • areas of compatibility
  • potential areas of friction
  • what areas of your relationship may require extra work
  • how to communicate and relate in more effective ways
  • what you and the other person need in order to thrive and be successful in the relationship

If you have not had an overview of your individual chart, please consider that to be your first step. Allow at least 90 minutes for your partnership session. This is a thorough explanation of the energetic dynamics in your relationship, along with some focus on practical solutions for the issues you may be experiencing.

If you want to look at several family members or potential hires, please contact me for details on the length of your session. A series of sessions may also be advisable, depending on the number of people and the circumstances.

“Hearing about and understanding my Human Design as well as my loved ones and coworkers’ make-up has been more beneficial than years of therapy in my opinion!  It explains SO MUCH about the miscommunications I’ve had with others, and also how to value myself and my design rather than try to be someone I’m not.  It has actually given me a confidence I wouldn’t otherwise have!  Both personally and professionally it has been so beneficial!”

– Andrea Roberts, Salon Owner

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How it Works:

A minimum of one hour is required for first time clients getting an Individual Session, and 90 minutes for Partnership Sessions.  Book your appointment by clicking the link below.

***I have suspended my regular hourly rate of $150 until June 31st, 2017.***

Will you join me in a sliding scale fee experiment?


You can pay according to what you feel is a reflection of the investment you’re making in your inner growth that is in alignment with your personal economy.

When paying, you may also want to take into account

  • What you comfortably spend on other self-care and personal growth services
  • What you can responsibly spend
  • The “stretching point”… the amount that would take you just far enough out of your comfort zone that you would put in extra effort to make sure you get your money’s worth from your investment

Here are some general guidelines (according to income) that you can follow when making the decision of what to pay. These guidelines reflect what I feel is fair based on what I have seen that works in various economies.

Sliding Scale