Individual Readings

Human Design Readings for Individuals

If you have not yet had a reading of your individual Human Design chart, start with the Human Design Overview. 

First 5 Minutes of a Beginner’s Reading

Human Design Readings

Get a clear and insightful information about your Human Design chart.


  • how to you are designed to make decisions that you can trust
  • the role you are here to play in the lives of others
  • your strengths and weaknesses
  • how to manage your energy and honor your uniqueness

Are you already familiar with your Human Design?

You can use your session to go deeper and discover…

  • your life purpose
  • your communication style
  • your relationship style
  • the significant cycles in your life
  • the life challenges and themes you are here to master

You can also use your session to focus upon a specific area of your life where you need guidance and clarity.

Schedule One Session at a Time (Ala Carte) or Purchase a Package

Ala Carte


  • Small Bites – 3 half hour sessions covering specific basic aspects of the chart.
  • Deep Dive – For beginners who want a deeper look into Human Design and time to integrate the information into their lives.

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