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Now that you know about your Human Design how are you going to work with it?

… to live out your highest potential

… to attract and develop the best relationships

… to have better emotional, physical and mental well being

… to make your unique contribution to the world

With personalized coaching and consulting you can navigate through life’s challenges by making correct decisions and taking actions in ways that are authentic for you. With me as your personal guide, you will explore yourself through the lens of Human Design.

What a difference 90 days can make!

  • You find your way into the habits and actions that make you more resilient to the stress of life.
  • Your life begins to reshape itself into a more supportive, fulfilling and authentic experience.
  • You gain insights into the best ways to manage your career or business so that it is an authentic expression of you.
  • You learn how to use your energy in optimal ways to prevent burnout and unnecessary stress.
  • You become more willing to relax and receive.
  • You develop the discernment you need to take the path of your spirit rather than the path of survival.
  • You become the empowered and thriving individual that you were always meant to be!

Each session is customized to your needs. Your Human Design chart may either be used as a backdrop to your sessions or (especially if you are new to your design) as your main tool for your journey.

You May Wish to Explore…

  • Aspects of your Human Design that you have not experienced before
  • Tools to raise your awareness
  • Practices to improve your self-care and reduce your stress
  • Strategies for better work and personal relationships
  • Energy management techniques to overcome draining situations, negative emotions, self-doubt or anything else that you feel is keeping you from your highest expression

My Approach

Part consulting, part coaching, part intuitive guidance … each in proportion to what you need and how you are able to receive it. We are a co-creative partnership, with me as the guide on the journey of your making. I use my Human Design knowledge (Level 4 specialist, certified by Karen Curry Parker), my intuitive skills and my extensive background in holistic healing to make your experience as enriching as possible.

The Basic Format

  • We meet for approximately one hour every other week for 3 months (6 sessions in total).
  • These private sessions are done by video conference.
  • You get recorded copies of all video sessions.
  • You are also asked to provide email check-ins between sessions as a way to continue the momentum you started in the previous session.
  • You also get access to additional customized resources and assignments as needed.


New to Human Design? – Start with a Human Design Reading

“Sandy is amazing at what she does! She has helped me to get to where I have been wanting to go so much faster, years faster, than I could have ever gotten there on my own. She adapts well to all situations and really reaches outside the box to give you the ultimate solutions.” – Lisa Cole, President Restore Independence 

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Between now and June 31st, if you would like a multiple session coaching package, you may pay for each session as you go on a sliding fee scale!
***I have suspended my regular hourly rate of $150 until June 31st, 2017.***

Will you join me in a sliding scale fee experiment?

Why I am doing this.

You can pay according to what you feel is a reflection of the investment you’re making in your inner growth that is in alignment with your personal economy.

When paying, you may also want to take into account

  • What you comfortably spend on other self-care and personal growth services
  • What you can responsibly spend
  • The “stretching point”… the amount that would take you just far enough out of your comfort zone that you would put in extra effort to make sure you get your money’s worth from your investment

Here are some general guidelines (according to income) that you can follow when making the decision of what to pay. These guidelines reflect what I feel is fair based on what I have seen that works in various economies.

Sliding Scale