Self-Care Reboot

Is Your Stress Level Going Through the Roof?

Are You Too Busy to Do Anything About It?

You know you need to step up your self-care, but you have so much going on that you don’t have time to do it. The stress of an accelerated life shows you what’s not working in your daily habits and practices, but the stress may also get in the way of doing something about it.

What if  You Could Get the Tools to Conquer Your Stress in Just 4 Weeks?

If you’re tired of holding on, gritting your teeth, and trying to survive, while it seems like your stressors have taken over your life, it’s time to stopor at least take little pause to …

  • Evaluate what is and isn’t working in your self-care practices.
  • Identify the little things you can change right away that will make a huge difference in your stress level.
  • Take actionable steps to make yourself a priority.
  • Synchronize your self-care with your design (Your Human Design blueprint, that is.)
  • Align with a higher level of wellbeing.

Self-Care Reboot

October 5th – 30th


When life accelerates, your self-care practices need to keep up. What used to work to cope with job stress, family stress and just plain life stress, may not work anymore. When you don’t step up to support yourself in more nurturing, loving, “got your back” kinds of ways, the world won’t do it for you.

It’s time for an upgrade – so you can feel better now!

If bitterness is building up or frustration is frazzling you, you owe it to yourself (and to your health) to refocus, refresh and reboot your self-care program.

Don’t let yourself get to the point where you resent your life and everything in it. You can take practical steps to improve the way you treat yourself. When you improve the way you treat yourself, your life will treat you better.


What Can Happen in Just 4 Weeks?

Most likely you aren’t going revamp your entire life in just 4 weeks. But you will get hands-on exercises and practical tools that you can use over and over if you choose.

Your self-care reboot tools will be rolled out to you in a way that’s not overwhelming, so that you have a chance to actually use them.  You will get gentle support to implement what you can.

And best of all, you will personally get clear about the action steps that will make the most difference in YOUR life right now.

This is an opportunity to…

  • Improve your self-care skills
  • Recommit to your well being
  • Evaluate and upgrade your self care routine
  • Start new habits
  • Get support to uplevel your self-care or establish new practices

How it Works


Dates:  October 5 – October 30, 2018

Weekly Email Care Package

You’ll get self-care reboot tools to work on during the week.

  • Video explaining the focus for the week
  • A written exercise that’s explained in the video
  • Other supportive material (such as a resource, guided meditation, additional optional activities)

Your care package will be delivered on Fridays, so you have time to work with it over the weekend.

4 Live Group Reboots

On Tuesdays at alternating times to accommodate differing time zones 

October 9 (7:00 pm Eastern), October 16 (12:00 pm Eastern), October 23 (7:00 pm Eastern), October 30 (12:00 pm Eastern)

  • We meet by Zoom video conference to discuss and share progress and insights.
  • You can get guidance from me and support from the group as needed.
  • These sessions may include intuitive input, Human Design type and strategy discussion, energy work as relevant.

You’re not required to attend all group meetings, but it’s highly recommended that you come to at least two.  Recordings of the group reboots will be sent to all participants, but no personal sharing by the participants will be disclosed outside of the group.

Synchronize Your Self-Care with Your Design

You don’t need to be an expert in your Human Design chart to participate. While this is not an event that’s specifically about Human Design, we will make sure that your self-care practices are in alignment with the way your energy type operates. If you’re new to Human Design, we provide you with a copy of your Human Design chart, and a brief explanation of your strategy and authority.

While the issues of self-care are universal, there are some nuances about your energy type and strategy that will be brought to light during this reboot. The self-understanding that comes from knowing about your Human Design, will help you refine your self-care practices.