Pay What You Want for Live Workshops

About PWYW (pay what you want): 

PWYW means just that… you pay the amount that you want give. That means you get to determine how much you pay in exchange for the experience you get. I know this can be uncomfortable for some people, so here are some guidelines to help take the stress out of PWYW.

I normally charge $20-$30 for a one hour workshop, and $30-$50 for longer workshops. You can pay within that range. You can pay less or you can pay more. The point of PWYW is to put some freedom around the process of exchange. I do ask that you exchange something that is…

  1. Tangible
  2. Timely
  3. In alignment with my needs and what you have at your access to give

In other words… no chickens … I don’t need chickens.  And no promises to pay it forward sometime in the undetermined future.

How to Pay:       

Register  for Your Class First!  Then make your exchange.                      

Then make your payment via Paypal at Just add a note that includes the title of the workshop. Your confirmation will also contain this information. 

Other ways to exchange:

  • Share this class with your network of friends, clients or colleagues who would likely be interested in the class. Personal messages are often the best way to do this. If you have a large network and send out a newsletter, it may be easier for you to make a mention of this in your next email. However… please don’t spam your friends, family and followers!
  • Leave me a testimonial on my Facebook page. Or send me one by email.
  • Schedule a private session for either a Human Design reading, a personalized Q&A on this topic or intuitive coaching. Book Here. 

No Judgement….

I just want to let you know that I make no judgement about what you contribute in the PWYW arrangement. At various times we all have more or less to give in terms of money or energy. If you’re in a place where you have less right now, by all means please participate and contribute what you feel that you have… even if YOU don’t think that it’s enough!

Abundance in life is kind of circular. Receiving is as important as giving. If you feel that you have less to give, it means that you’re in a place where you need to receive more. So give less and receive more at those times. If you feel that you have more to give, give more. This will help support my work, your personal energy of abundance, and also the energy of those who have less to give in the moment.

Thanks for wholeheartedly participating in this experiment of exchange!