Let Your Aura Do the Talking

with Human Design

Live Interactive Workshop * Johnson City, TN

August 26th, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

$30 in advance – $50 at the door


Want to Open the Doors to Your Highest Destiny?

Learn About:

  • Your Human Design aura type says about your life purpose
  • How each aura type fulfills a purpose to support the destiny of the other aura types 
  • What your aura ideally communicates about you
  • How to align with your highest destiny by emitting the clearest frequency through your aura

Walk Away With:

  • Tools that you can immediately try which will eliminate resistance and improve your relationships
  • An deeper understanding of your purpose and how to fulfill it
  • Practical insight into the unseen world of energy
  • More compassion and acceptance for yourself and others


Sometimes it feels like there’s a big closed door standing between you and the life you know you’re here to live. In spite of how hard you try, nothing seems to pry that door open. You can pound on it, kick it, beg and plead, and nothing you try gets it to open very wide for very long.  Finally you walk away, knowing that your deepest dreams and most heartfelt desires will need to wait a while longer.

While most people find value in waiting for things to come together, there is a point where waiting turns into giving up.

Please don’t give up!

You have immense untapped power within your energy field to open all of the doors that you are meant to walk through. Those delicious and amazing connections that you need in order to fulfill your purpose and make your heart sing, are just waiting for you on the other side. Those people, places and opportunities are waiting for you to open that door!

In order to open the doors to your powerful destiny, you only need one thing …

You need an aura that communicates who you really are in the most aligned and vibrant way

Your aura (energy field) is the single most important communication tool that you have. It is your ambassador that precedes you into a room. And people can pick up on who you are, how you’re feeling, your intentions, and a myriad of other things before you even open your mouth!  

You can also pick up on others in the same way. When your aura is clear, you can recognize the people and environments which will lead you to the right opportunities and situations to open up your doors.

But if you’re stressed, not feeling well, or if you have attitudes and habits that don’t represent the highest expression of who you are, then you are going to have static in your auric field. Your energy won’t be able to communicate clearly with your environment. And you may end up feeling angry, frustrated, bitter, or disappointed as a result. This is what causes you to walk away and give up.

There is a way to reduce the static and resistance that you experience…

Be Yourself

If you’re clearly communicating the most vibrant and powerful aspects of yourself, your doors will open more easily.

Do you want to be your most vibrant and powerful self?

Human Design offers you a way for you to see who you really are at the very deepest levels. It gives you tools that you can begin to experiment with immediately, so that you can cut away the mind chatter and the needless resistance to clear up the frequency of your energy field.

Human Design shows you what you can trust about yourself so that you don’t create more static and confusion in your energy frequency.

As you learn about yourself through the lens of Human Design, you discover for yourself, how you are here to be, what you are here to do and what keeps you from being yourself and doing what allows you to fulfill your highest destiny. You learn how to step out of the way and let your aura talk for you.

You’re invited to attend…

“Let Your Aura Do the Talking”

August 26, 2017  * 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Generations Emporium & Spiritual Community Center

2201 Ferguson Road #8, Johnson City, TN

$30 in advance * $50 at the door