Human Design Small Group Chart Exploration

(Prerequisite: Extensive Self-Study, Beginners Class or Prior Reading  from a Qualified Human Design Practitioner)

Online Video Conference

***Special Topic***

Relationship Dynamics

This group is limited to 5 !

Are you curious about a relationship in your life?… a spouse, potential mate, child or friend?

We will look at you in relationship with one other person, and discover the energy dynamics between you two. During the first half of the meeting, we will go over some of the general things to look for in a relationship chart. This will give you some information to begin your personal exploration into all relationships in your life. During the second half we will look at a composite chart for each participant and another person.

$45 – Date TBD


General Group Description…

Are you ready to go beyond the basics of type, strategy and authority?

Do you have specific questions about your design?

Do you want to learn from others while you explore your own design?

This is an opportunity to get questions answered about your individual chart, and also to learn more about Human Design by looking at the charts of others.

This small group is right for you if…

  • You have been introduced to the basics of your Human Design chart and want to know more
  • You thrive on individual attention and small group interaction
  • You have specific questions about your Human Design chart
  • You like to learn from others

You will get the most from this event by attending it live! However, if something comes up after you register, you can send in your questions and they will be answered. Replays will be sent ONLY to registered participants.

How it Works…

Bring your questions to the group and we’ll look at your chart for insight. Each person gets the opportunity to have a mini-reading in this format.

Spaces are very limited in this group to allow for individualized attention. 


Is there a Human Design topic that you’d like to explore? Let’s talk about it…



“Thank you, Sandy. These sessions are very helpful. So much to learn and understand. – Laura S.”