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Are You a Struggling Human Design Projector?  Want Guidance to Overcome Bitterness and Align With Your Projector Power?

The Human Design Projectors Package includes everything you need to get started on your Human Design journey.

You Get:

Pricing: $250

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What People Say About the Bitterness to Joy Program…

Sandy I just wanted to say that I really love the way you listen to us, your big-hearted unfaltering compassion, how you have broken the Human Design information down into bit size pieces for us to digest & assimilate and most of all that you ‘give’ constantly with feedback that we so need from someone that truly understands the life of a Projector. I realise that we are all probably bordering on “neediness” but I see this not as neediness but as essential life tools for a Projector to feel connected to each other, be helped life this crazy life of “just do it” and it is most of all an awesome gift, one that we have all been searching for our whole life. Thank you so much for give my life a shot of hope and clarity. I can’t wait for more of your programs. Hugs of Love, Karen”


“I found the reminder about the relationship about Projector bitterness and the consistent ongoing need for great self care timely. I most appreciated the information specifically about the different centers and their correlation with the propensity for bitterness-the specifics of HD as related to bitterness. I also appreciated your low key safe, supportive and insightful coaching style.”

– Rosemary Zazu, MA

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