Human Design Manifestors – The Empowering Freedom That is Success

sandy · February 23, 2022


It’s well known in Human Design circles that the emotional theme of success belongs to the Projector energy type. But that doesn’t mean that Manifestors aren’t here to be successful as well. This article explores how the Manifestor energy type can be successful in the world by truly being themselves. Hint, hint, dear Manifestor… It’s about how you use your power.






As a Manifestor energy type, you are designed to act independently and make an impact. If you allow others to slow you down by interrupting you or telling you what to do, you will lose your creative momentum and repress your innate power. 

You are an innovator who can initiate action and also initiate other people to maintain or manage the things you start. Your creative process is very important to you. You need to stay in the unimpeded flow of your energy to make the most of your innovative and initiating power. When you become clear about what needs to happen so that your manifestations can take shape, heaven and earth will move on your behalf.

You are excellent at starting things, but you’re not energetically equipped to sustain the things that you start. Once you get a project started, however, you have the ability to initiate others to their roles in moving the project forward. Then you’re free to move on and start something else. 


The peace that you bring to any situation allows everyone to relax and fall in line with what you’re creating. When you are at peace, everyone around you is at peace. It’s important to remember that your aura / energy field has a great impact on others. The slightest shift or change can create a disturbance that is deeply felt by others. 

Your energy is meant to push away obstacles but you also have the potential to push people away or push them around when you’re going after what you want. When you settle into a place of balance and peace within yourself, your energy has a great positive impact on people, and you’re more likely to get them moving rather than to create upset and anger. 


You need the freedom to move with the flow of your creative energy. You can shackle yourself when you try to maintain and follow through with everything that you start or create. It’s very important for you to know when to let go, and when to delegate the responsibility to others. 

When you give yourself the freedom to be active when you feel like being active, and to rest when you feel like resting, you will naturally feel more at ease and at peace. Consequently, you’ll have the energy you need to innovate and create with freedom and ease.

Others depend on your initiating power to get them engaged in life. It’s a real gift to you and them when you can set yourself free and allow the right people to take over where you leave off. You’re then free to move on to make innovations in another area. This gives others more opportunity to participate in the process of building a meaningful life. 


Your decisions and actions have a positive impact when you… 

  1. Have clarity about what to do and when to do it 
  2. Inform others who will be impacted about the actions you’ll take 
  3. Take action without holding yourself back once you are clear and have informed 

Clarity about What to Do and When to Do It 

You don’t have to wait on others to get something started, but you do have to be clear within yourself about the direction you want to take and the best timing for taking action.  This is where your decision making authority comes in. 

Emotional Manifestors wait for emotional clarity to know what to start and when to do it. Once you are clear, you can take the action necessary to get a project off the ground. 

You live in a sea of emotions. Your moods can take you from the depths of melancholy to the heights of ecstasy. There is no truth or clarity in the high highs and low lows of your emotions. When you make a decision without taking your time, you have a 50/50 chance of making the correct decision. 

Each phase of your emotional wave reveals something that raises your awareness about how you feel about a situation. You must wait an adequate amount of time to feel your way through the process and get the whole picture. You’ll know that you have waited long enough when your body feels calm and perhaps at peace. 

Ego Manifestors you must learn to trust your voice. What comes out of your mouth at the moment is the truth about what you want. When you aren’t trying to control what comes out of your mouth, you gain a real understanding of what is truly best for you. Your power to impact others depends on your ability to inform them of your intentions immediately.

Splenic Manifestors your clarity comes through the subtle cues that your body gives you about what is safe and healthy. You must stay present in the moment and keep yourself highly attuned to your body awareness. Your body’s subtle cues always inform you quietly and in the moment about the correct actions to take that will insure your survival now.

Informing Others About the Actions You’ll Take 

When you are clear about what to do and when to do it (see above), it’s extremely important to inform those who will be impacted by your actions. The act of informing helps to insure that you will be able to proceed in peace. 

In other words. people will know what’s going on and will be less likely to get angry at you. Ultimately your projects will have a better chance at success when you get in the practice of informing others. By informing, you can also get the people started who can maintain or manage your project. 

Taking Action Without Holding Yourself Back 

You know deep in your heart that you don’t like to be interrupted or told what to do. Your innovative, initiating energy must not be held back when you’re ready to move on it. Don’t wait for permission or approval from others. Don’t try to hide your intentions because you’re afraid that others won’t like it. You’ll block the power and invoke a lot of anger if you do. You’ll also find that you will become angry when you’re not asserting yourself properly.

If you were somehow controlled as a child, you may have some work to do to overcome the conditioning that keeps you from being assertive about taking action.

Dear Manifestor, you can take your power back and live a peaceful life successfully. Be yourself. Honor your impact on others and inform when you’re about to make a move.

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