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Are You Feeling Stressed and Out of Sorts?

Want to clear your energy field and let your brilliance shine through?  

An Energy Tune-Up session helps you manage your personal energy so that you can live the highest expression of what is contained in your Human Design chart.  

I will use distant healing techniques, imagery, breath and intuition to help you clear out and re-balance your energy system.

An Energy Tune-Up Helps You to…

  • Clear energetic stagnation and discharge energy that isn’t yours.
  • Overcome the physical and emotional issues of burnout.
  • Release patterns of stress at the cellular level.
  • Shift into an empowered perspective.
  • Raise and maintain your vibrational frequency.
  • Gain skills to keep yourself clear and aligned with the highest expression of your energetic blueprint.

An Energy Tune-Up Session is…

  • Interactive
  • Co-creative
  • Energizing
  • Illuminating

We work together on the energetic factors surrounding your issues. I use my ability to feel and see your energy field (in abstract ways). You are guided to use your intention and intuition to move, transform, elevate and recondition your frequency.

Prior to your session I may connect with the broader context of your soul’s intentions to get some guidance on some things we may need to know when we proceed. Your Human Design chart may be used as background information. The entire experience is supportive and inspiring.

An Energy Tune-Up Session is not…

  • A psychic reading
  • Fortune telling
  • A substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment

Many People Experience These Benefits…

  • Decreased physical discomfort
  • Increased clarity and awareness
  • Profound stress relief
  • Release of negative emotions
  • Euphoria and bliss


Testimonial… Hola Sandy! I slept long and well! I did the meditation we did together last night, this morning as a part of my other practices and I did it first; it was very helpful! The whole rest of my session was improved by it. Thank you again! -Brigid

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How it Works:

Unlike Human Design consultations and coaching services, an energy tune-up requires a more fluid approach… or at least that is how I am guided to deliver this service.

Sessions are approximately 30 – 60 minutes in length. Sometimes they’re shorter. Sometimes they’re longer, depending on how much energy is running through me and the nature of your issues.  There are also times when I am not aligned or focused enough to do this work, and therefore cannot guarantee an appointment for a certain day or time. I often move around while doing this work, so prefer to do it by chat or text. I know this seems weird but it seems to work best, because the physical you is out of the picture (literally). My concentration is better, and I am able to focus more deeply on your energy field. Occasionally I may be guided to work via video conference or phone. 

Along with the different way that I work, I also charge for these sessions in a different way. They are offered to you for flexible pricing. This means that you pay the amount between $25 and $250 that would be enough of a stretch so that you know you’re investing in yourself. (To give you an idea of the median, my rate for an hour long coaching or consulting session is $150). You will NOT get a lesser service if you pay a lower fee. This flexible pricing format is set up to accommodate all budgets and exchange rates, and I am comfortable with the range. At the end of our session you will be directed to a PayPal link to pay. Immediate payment is appreciated.

 How to Get an Energy Tune-Up

I periodically announce my immediate availability in the Joyful Vibrant Life Facebook group. Please join the group or message me to find out my availability.

I also occasionally offer group Energy Tune-Ups by invitation. When you sign up for the Human Design Kit or Join the Joyful Vibrant Life Facebook Page you will get invitations to these events.

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