Creative Genius by Design

Do You Want to Discover Your True Creative Abilities?

Not everyone is a painter or musician. But everyone is hardwired with their own style of creative genius.  This workshop helps you to find your creative strengths in your Human Design chart.

Thursday January 18th – 7:00 pm Eastern

(A recording will be provided for all registered participants)

PWYW (pay what you want pricing)


About PWYW (pay what you want): 

PWYW means just that… you pay the amount that you want give. That means you get to determine how much you pay in exchange for the experience you get. I know this can be uncomfortable for some people, so here are some guidelines to help take the stress out of PWYW.

I normally charge $20-$30 for a class like this. You can pay within that range. You can pay less or you can pay more. The point of PWYW is to put some freedom around the process of exchange. I do ask that you exchange something that is…

  1. Tangible
  2. Timely
  3. In alignment with my needs and what you have at your access to give

In other words… no chickens … I don’t need chickens.  And no promises to pay it forward sometime in the undetermined future.

How to Pay:

You can make your payment via Paypal at Just add a note that includes the word “creative”

Other ways to exchange:

  • Share this class with your network of friends, clients or colleagues who would likely be interested in the class. Personal messages are often the best way to do this. If you have a large network and send out a newsletter, it may be easier for you to make a mention of this in your next email. However… please don’t spam your friends, family and followers!
  • Leave me a testimonial on my Facebook page. Or send me one by email.
  • If you are interested in getting in touch with your inner guidance via art and creativity, you may want to register for the “Visual Journaling to Unleash Your Soul” course instead of paying for this workshop individually. The “Creative Genius by Design” workshop is included at no extra charge when you participate in the visual journaling course.

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