Tracking the Transits


Are You Dancing Gracefully With the Universe?

Have you noticed that it’s becoming more of a challenge to find a buffer between the world “out there” and the serenity that you seek inside?

What if the object of the game of life is not to be buffered and protected, but to be grounded in strength as the forces of the universe have their way with us? (and I mean that in the most respectful way)

After all, we are a composite of stardust that organized itself into the beautiful form that we recognize as human. Just by living, we express the consciousness that was contained in the stardust that originally formed us. And that crazy looking Human Design chart? … it’s the way that we make logical sense of it all.

A good way to make sense of how conditioning affects you is to track the transits of the planets they move through the gates on the Human Design mandala.

When you track the transits you get insights into the themes of the cosmos that affect you and the people around you. You learn how your energy levels are affected from week to week, and you also get some understanding about why the world “out there” can seem so crazy at times.

If you’re wondering how to keep your finger on the pulse of the planetary influences that move through you, please join us for this introductory class on tracking the transits

If you want to dance gracefully with the forces of the universe, the transits will show you where the steps are taking you.

Tracking the Transits

Downloadable Class

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In this class you will be introduced to some of the basic ways to begin your study of the transits. You will get information on:

  • How tracking the transits can help you leverage your energy and know yourself better
  • How you can work with the transits to deepen your understanding of Human Design
  • The various resources that you can use to show you the planetary transits from a Human Design perspective
  • How to read the Human Design ephemeris at a glance
  • How to quickly see which transits will have the most influence on you during any given week

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Printable Note Taking Guide

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About PWYW (pay what you want): 

PWYW means just that… you pay the amount that you want give. That means you get to determine how much you pay in exchange for the experience you get.

I normally charge $20-$30 for a class like this. You can pay within that range. You can pay less or you can pay more. The price indicated on the registration page is $25. But there is an option to enter your own amount.