Generators and Manifesting Generators

Generators and Manifesting Generators

Do You Want to Know How to Trust Your Sacral Response?

You Can Make the Most of Your Powerful Life-Force Energy When You Respond with Your Sacral Wisdom!

If you’re a Generator / Manifesting Generator energy type, you probably know that you have a strategy to wait to respond; and then you must use your sacral response to get clear about your decisions.

Do you really know what that means, or how to do it?

This workshop is designed to help you cut through the mystery of your sacral response, so that you feel it, understand it, and know how to let it guide you through life.

The Format

7-Part Pre-Recorded Video Course

  1. Introduction and Intentions
  2. What it Means to be a Sacral Being
  3. Generator and Manifesting Generator Strategy
  4. How Your Sacral Speaks to You (and what gets in the way)
  5. How to Connect with Your Sacral Response
  6. Making Decisions with Your Sacral Authority
  7. Conclusion and Assignment

PDF Note-Taking Guide

Video Recording of a Live Q&A with a Demo of a Sacral Session

28 Page Sacral Session Handbook

Free Admission to One Group Human Design Q&A 


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