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Do You Need Human Design?

A first look at your Human Design chart may cause your eyes to glaze over. And even if you are somewhat familiar with its various components … astrology, the I’Ching, the Kabbalah tree of life, the Hindu chakra system and quantum mechanics… you may still be left wondering what it all means and why you need to know it.

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Experimenting with Fees

There is a philosophy that many prosperity and abundance gurus teach. They say that if you are not willing to charge at the upper limit of your comfort zone, then you undervalue yourself. I get the general reasoning behind this. And God knows that I am vulnerable to undercharging for my services. However, I also… Continue reading Experimenting with Fees

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Why Work Life Balance is Elusive

I was sharing this site with a few women the other day and they immediately agreed that the perfect balance in life and work is very much a quest that rarely gets fulfilled for any length of time.  They resoundingly nodded and agreed that they too seek to manage careers and a personal life without… Continue reading Why Work Life Balance is Elusive

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Do This to Skyrocket Your Productivity

Have you ever sat down at your desk to get a bunch of stuff done and discovered an hour later that you haven't started any of it? How often do you get caught up in your Facebook feed and find that you have wasted all the time you had set aside to get those nagging… Continue reading Do This to Skyrocket Your Productivity

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Why Life Purpose and Making a Living are Not the Same Thing

Are you tortured by the big life purpose that you have not yet fulfilled through your work? Do you feel like your job or career is keeping you from fulfilling it? It would be so simple if you could live your purpose and get paid great money to do it, but what if what you're here… Continue reading Why Life Purpose and Making a Living are Not the Same Thing