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Human Design Generators and Stress

How it's Different from the Projector Experience... I had lunch with a Generator friend the other day, and of course the conversation turned to Human Design. I find my friend's design fascinating, because she only has 2 energy centers defined... the root and the sacral center. I'm used to working with Projectors who are this… Continue reading Human Design Generators and Stress

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How Not to Get Stuck in the Drama-Sphere

Have you been feeling distracted lately? Are you having dips in your emotions and energy levels? There's a lot going on in the "drama-sphere" right now that can leave you feeling insecure, powerless, overwhelmed and uncertain.  Here's a little reminder... You can't really trust that you're accurately seeing what's happening out there in the world… Continue reading How Not to Get Stuck in the Drama-Sphere

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Human Design Guidance to Feel at Home With Yourself

Watch Video In a previous video I talked about how you can’t really receive the abundance that you’re here to have and that clarity you need for your next steps toward your heart’s desires, unless you’re at home… inside yourself. I invited you in that video to begin to pay attention to when you feel… Continue reading Human Design Guidance to Feel at Home With Yourself