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Hardwired for Burnout – Personal Human Design Reflections

Last week I took a partial break from my business to recover quickly from an inevitable cycle of burnout. I say "inevitable" because I actually have burnout hardwired into my Human Design chart.  You could say that I'm somewhat of an expert in burnout because of this. While giving myself space to recuperate from the… Continue reading Hardwired for Burnout – Personal Human Design Reflections

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Self-Love Human Design and Healing the Heart

Do you want to heal the issues that keep you from fully loving and accepting yourself? You’re invited to join us for “A Reset in Self-Love” – a workshop and group healing event. Details Here Here's an article to introduce you to the issues of self-love as seen through the lens of Human Design... I… Continue reading Self-Love Human Design and Healing the Heart

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Realigning the Need to Perfect

 Something inside me snapped yesterday. I could attribute it on the super full moon and lunar eclipse, or just the fact that I had had enough. Whatever the cause, the result is a massive realignment in the way I go about how I perfect my business. The need to perfect is hardwired into me through… Continue reading Realigning the Need to Perfect

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The Defined Spleen and Health

In the last post we talked about how the defined spleen center is like a cat. In Human Design, the spleen is the center of vitality. It knows the right timing of things. It's awareness is about the now. Not only is the spleen about instinct in the now, but it's also about vitality and… Continue reading The Defined Spleen and Health

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Human Design Generators and Stress

How it's Different from the Projector Experience... I had lunch with a Generator friend the other day, and of course the conversation turned to Human Design. I find my friend's design fascinating, because she only has 2 energy centers defined... the root and the sacral center. I'm used to working with Projectors who are this… Continue reading Human Design Generators and Stress

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Are Undefined Centers in the Human Design Chart a Weakness?

If you have a lot of undefined centers (white centers) in your Human Design chart, you may feel that it's a weakness. This video will help you reframe your perception. Your open areas give you the unlimited potential to dance with the energies that come to you from others. Want to know more? Watch the… Continue reading Are Undefined Centers in the Human Design Chart a Weakness?

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Human Design Guidance to Feel at Home With Yourself

Watch Video In a previous video I talked about how you can’t really receive the abundance that you’re here to have and that clarity you need for your next steps toward your heart’s desires, unless you’re at home… inside yourself. I invited you in that video to begin to pay attention to when you feel… Continue reading Human Design Guidance to Feel at Home With Yourself