Three Tips to Get in Touch with Your Splenic Authority – Human Design

Here are 3 tips to help you get in touch with your splenic decision making authority. 1. Follow your strategy and authority 2. Keep your body healthy and vibrant 3. Pay attention to the awareness you filter through your spleen gates and channels To learn why number 3 is important, watch the video. You are… Continue reading Three Tips to Get in Touch with Your Splenic Authority – Human Design

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Lessons in Business – Consistency and Collaboration

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by George Kao, one of my favorite business coaches. We talked about the importance of consistency. I don't have a lot of internal consistency, as indicated by my Human Design chart. And one of the things I've learned by working with George, is the… Continue reading Lessons in Business – Consistency and Collaboration

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The Undefined Spleen + Blitz Mini-Sessions

Undefined Spleen - One Gift and One Challenge Want to learn about how having an undefined spleen center can be a gift and a challenge? Watch this interview with Bingz Huang... 4/6 Generator and healer extraordinaire! Bingz shares how one of her greatest healing gifts comes from having an undefined spleen. She also shares her experience with… Continue reading The Undefined Spleen + Blitz Mini-Sessions

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Hardwired for Burnout – Personal Human Design Reflections

Last week I took a partial break from my business to recover quickly from an inevitable cycle of burnout. I say "inevitable" because I actually have burnout hardwired into my Human Design chart.  You could say that I'm somewhat of an expert in burnout because of this. While giving myself space to recuperate from the… Continue reading Hardwired for Burnout – Personal Human Design Reflections

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Self-Love Human Design and Healing the Heart

Do you want to heal the issues that keep you from fully loving and accepting yourself? You’re invited to join us for “A Reset in Self-Love” – a workshop and group healing event. Details Here Here's an article to introduce you to the issues of self-love as seen through the lens of Human Design... I… Continue reading Self-Love Human Design and Healing the Heart

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Realigning the Need to Perfect

 Something inside me snapped yesterday. I could attribute it on the super full moon and lunar eclipse, or just the fact that I had had enough. Whatever the cause, the result is a massive realignment in the way I go about how I perfect my business. The need to perfect is hardwired into me through… Continue reading Realigning the Need to Perfect

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The Defined Spleen and Health

In the last post we talked about how the defined spleen center is like a cat. In Human Design, the spleen is the center of vitality. It knows the right timing of things. It's awareness is about the now. Not only is the spleen about instinct in the now, but it's also about vitality and… Continue reading The Defined Spleen and Health

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An Alternative Way to Keep a Journal

One of the tools I recommend for personal growth is journaling.  So many people find this approach helpful. If you've tried journaling and haven't been able to stick with it, it could be that you're in need of a little color. Recently I sat down with Carolyn Jayne, The Journal Queen, to discuss the process… Continue reading An Alternative Way to Keep a Journal