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Can You Really Fake It Til You Make It and Be Happy?

Does the "Fake it til you make it" approach to success really work? Will you actually be fulfilled and happy if you follow this advice? You can fake your business persona... put on a new suit for a job interview (as an example).. and people may respond to you differently. You may in turn carry yourself… Continue reading Can You Really Fake It Til You Make It and Be Happy?

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Where to Start With Human Design

Many people tell me that their first look at their Human Design chart can be both intriguing and off-putting at the same time. When they first look at their bodygraph they often feel like they recognize something in it that has value to them, but they’re not sure what it is. And when they read the keynotes that indicate your energy “type”, “strategy”, “authority” and “profile”, they are often compelled to do a dogged internet search to make sense of these terms.

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Do You Need Human Design?

A first look at your Human Design chart may cause your eyes to glaze over. And even if you are somewhat familiar with its various components … astrology, the I’Ching, the Kabbalah tree of life, the Hindu chakra system and quantum mechanics… you may still be left wondering what it all means and why you need to know it.

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Experimenting with Fees

There is a philosophy that many prosperity and abundance gurus teach. They say that if you are not willing to charge at the upper limit of your comfort zone, then you undervalue yourself. I get the general reasoning behind this. And God knows that I am vulnerable to undercharging for my services. However, I also… Continue reading Experimenting with Fees

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Why It’s Good to Burn Down Your Life

Last week a huge invitation (which is a big deal for us Human Design Projectors) ended. It felt like a big fire had released a lot of energy in my life. The ending moved quickly, and a lot of debris was burned away in the process. Some of the people in my life are shocked. Some have expressed disappointment.… Continue reading Why It’s Good to Burn Down Your Life

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How to Manifest Success When You’re Designed to Wait

You have probably heard this meme about waiting ... "Good things come to those who wait". But what if you tried it and it didn't turn out that way? In the last post we explored how each Human Design energy type can get distracted from discerning what is truly their's to do. In this post we will explore… Continue reading How to Manifest Success When You’re Designed to Wait

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Much Ado About Doing – What’s Mine to Do?

What if you could accomplish more of what is most important to you by understanding and doing only what's yours to do?  You probably already know that we live in a society that likes to be busy ... or at least look busy. Being busy doing the right things, with the right people, at the… Continue reading Much Ado About Doing – What’s Mine to Do?

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Be Willing – April 2017 Power Half-Hour

I collaborate with Human Design Generator friend on a project to bring balance and well being to an ever changing world. Each month we do a live stream on You Tube called the "Power Half-Hour". This month's Power Half-Hour was a continuation of the previous video which was shared on this blog. Amanda Young, my… Continue reading Be Willing – April 2017 Power Half-Hour

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Is Your Monkey Mind Keeping You from Getting Over the Border?

A few weeks ago I did a recorded interview / conversation with Patrick Davis, Executive Coach and fellow Human Design Projector. He introduced me to his coaching process a while back, and it made a huge difference in the way that I perceive and work with the mental chatter that keeps me from breaking through… Continue reading Is Your Monkey Mind Keeping You from Getting Over the Border?