Energy Meets Action

Tools and Insights to Create Success on the Material Plane

It’s not unusual for Human Design Manifesting Generators to feel frustration and maybe a tinge of anger when they aren’t […]
silhouette of person jumping during dawn
If you’re a Human Design Generator and you’re feeling frustrated about the level of success you’re experiencing in your work […]
This is the beginning of a series about how your Human Design type, strategy, and authority can help you get […]
The topic of intuition is something near and dear to my heart and I’ve been pondering how your Human Design […]
woman in yellow scoop neck shirt and yellow knit cap
You’re probably reading this because you were introduced to your Human Design chart and you’re trying to figure it out. […]
Human Design Manifestors are told that their lives will be more peaceful when they inform before they taking action. But […]

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