Be Less Vulnerable to Other People’s Drama


Do you get exhausted by other people’s drama?

Have you been labeled as highly sensitive or too thin skinned?

Do you hold onto emotions and pain for way too long?


If so, there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re just very intuitive and empathic. Being a sensitive and intuitive empath means that you’re designed to be fine-tuned to what’s going on around you. Although you may think that your deep feelings are a curse, you truly have a gift! … That is when you know how to use it.


You’re able to feel into other people and know what they’re about. Depending on how you’re designed, you may be able to pick up on their thoughts, their emotions, or even their level of health. But when it gets overwhelming, you shut down … or you want to hide … or you just can’t take it anymore and you fight back with more drama.


You have the potential to be a powerful healing force in the world. But you can sometimes get hijacked by other people’s drama and pain. And then you forget that this ability you have is actually your super power!
But you can’t be that force for healing and transformation … the one who knows and feels with clarity… unless you know how to take care of yourself first.


If you’re trying so so hard to keep yourself together by shutting down, fighting back or running away, you’re not able to open up to your abilities. If you’re working hard to keep someone else together, you’re not using your abilities in the highest possible way.


When you learn about your Human Design blueprint, you discover exactly how you’re taking in the energy that’s coming at you. You discover how to make sense of what you feel. And you finally learn how to take great care of yourself, so you don’t have to shut down, fight back or run away.


You can’t take away other people’s drama. But you can show them what true freedom is like. It starts with knowing your design!


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