“Sandy is a highly intelligent and intuitive coach whose energy I enjoy and feel comfortable with. Our first session was incredibly powerful, offering much insight, feedback and nourishment for my soul. I still listen to the recording of our call, over and over again, weeks later, because I learn so much from it every time. I saw immediate improvement in my romantic relationship, which I was really struggling with before that call. Thanks Sandy!”

Gina Silvestri, Coach in Vancouver Canada – www.ginasilvestri.com

“Dear Sandy –

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and unique vision and focus with me. You really tuned into my design and offered me important suggestions about how to take good care of myself in general, while also helping me specifically see better how my goals and life purpose are taking shape, and how I can best nurture them as well. Your insights were just what I needed to be able to sink in and enjoy this phase of preparation, while waiting for the right invitations to act.

Your help in looking at the interaction between myself and a potential business partner was also a perfect preparation for a meeting. I am feeling empowered by the understanding I have gained, and that much more capable of developing healthy partnerships born of a deep awareness and acceptance of both myself and the other.

Thanks so much !”

Martha S. Bache-Wiig, counselor, teacher, musician and astrologer, www.centerperson.org

“I was helping someone with Human Design this week and I was reflecting on the shift you helped me make. To understand how I was working and how I could work better with my energy by waiting for doors to open and then start working. My life is such a blessing now. Such balance and peace…and it all started with the insight and gifts you gave me. Thank you for helping me to achieve a life I love and enjoy! You Rock!!!! And I sooooo appreciate you!!!” – Lisa Cole, Contractor www.restoreindependence.com


“Working with Sandy has been instrumental in helping me understand how word of mouth networking can work for me. She has helped me to become aware of and acknowledge when my mind chatter is keeping me from responding with my Human Design strategy. I am now more willing to be open to what is waiting for me.  When I got clear about what I wanted and zeroed in on my focus with my business, people started coming to me. My business has really taken off. ” Amanda Young, Virtual Assistantwww.varoomvirtualassistance.com

“Want to tell you again….. I KNOW that you were the person I was waiting for, to explore my human design with…… Thank you for your beautiful listening, and gift of articulation ….just now!
many blessings…
till next time

“I’m having great success establishing a healthy relationship with myself, and feeling satisfied and more rested than I ever have.  You’re a great facilitator.”  – Prema, Prema Yoga Healing