Habits, Self-Care and the Seasons

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It’s important to be aware of the shifts in your life, even before they take full form. This is where you have the best opportunity to create and modify habits so that they better support you as you move into the next season of your life.

Here are some questions to consider. You’re invited to share your responses here.

1) Who do you know yourself to be?

2) How do your habits support (or not support) who you know yourself to be at this point in your life?

If you want to take a deeper look at your habits and how to realign them with who you know yourself to be, you’re invited to check out the “Self-Care Reboot” that’s starting in October.

Transcript Highlights

This time of the year in on the East coast of the US, we’re moving into the fall season. And I noticed even though it’s really pretty warm here, that there are these little subtle changes that start to happen. It’s not like summer runs into fall all of a sudden. There is a time later on where all the sudden it will turn to what seems like winter or the slide into winter. But right now it’s just these subtle little changes … like the mornings are cooler. The evenings are cooler.  Some of the early leaves are just starting to turn yellow. They’re not yet even close to when they turn into their full fall colors, but you can feel it’s in the air.

And the same is true with us and our bodies and our life cycles. When things start to change, they’re like little subtle changes that happen. And if we’re not paying attention we may not notice them. However when we’re really aware, and we really understand that this is the beginning, that’s where we have a chance to begin to develop new habits around how we take care of ourselves; how we live our lives to grow and strengthen as we move into the next season of our life. This is what allows us to have … stronger more supportive habits as that next phase of life really begins to develop.

So in terms of the seasons, …  it’s getting to be about that time where the leaves need to be raked up, gutters need to be cleaned, because snow is coming and the weather is going to get a little bit more severe several months down the line. But right now it’s the time to kind of clean everything up …  get ready to a certain extent for that next season …  even though it’s not here.

… So let’s weave that back into this understanding of the human design chart, because I know a lot of you are interested in human design.  That’s why you’re watching this. Because you know me in that realm, and you know design is really our building block. Our design is really our building block for how we live our lives. And when you first come into understanding yourself through the lens of your human design body graph, you’re moved into this experiment. Or you’re encouraged to experiment with your strategy for how you live your life and your authority for how you make decisions according to your energy type…. so I want to encourage you to do that. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about please go to my website at there’s a Human Design Kit there with some resources that will get you started.

(Regardless of your interest in Human Design), we’re really talking (today) about understanding or being aware of how the subtle changes in the beginning of a shift are really important to pay attention to. Because this is the time when you can begin to reorient your habits, in order to prepare a stronger foundation for when you’re fully shifted into that next phase of your life; into the next season, into the next way that you need to take care of yourself.

You know my paradigm is self-care first.  You’ve got to take care of what’s in here. You have to be aware of what’s in here, and work with the body aspect of what’s going on in your life. … (You have to pay attention to) what you’re feeling in here and make sure that the foundation is strong in how you take care of this vehicle that you ride through life in…. (and that it’s) really in alignment with who you are, in terms of type, strategy (and) who you know yourself to be.

So and that’s really basically what strategy and authority are about in understanding your Human Design body graph. When you follow your strategy you and you listen to your decision-making authority (so that you’re making decisions that really honor how you’re designed to operate) then your body works much better.  You have less stress and resistance as your body moves you through life. And that’s kind of the foundation of the whole shift and change into becoming more of who you were born to be.

So let’s make that more concrete in terms of what you can begin to look at and become aware of … or things that you can practice this. Because for some of us, like us projectors or even generators or reflectors, you know we have strategy to wait. For projectors and reflectors, we’re waiting quite a bit of time. There’s time that is involved in waiting.

So what are we doing while we’re waiting? We’re taking care of ourselves. We’re looking at ourselves. We’re cultivating some sense of awareness, and hopefully a deeper honor for how we’re embodied and how our embodiment moves us through life … So you know you’re not sitting on a cushion waiting right? Even generators, you know you’re not sitting on a cushion waiting for that next thing to respond to. You’re living your life. So life is your classroom basically.

So … here’s a little something to take into your classroom of life to consider as you move through your day (or) as you do your activities … whether they’re work activities, they’re taking care of yourself or taking care of your home or your environment or the people around you. … This is an opportunity to really look at and consider who you know yourself to be at this point.

As we change. As we as we move into being more of who we are through that human design experiment or just through maturity … just through moving chronologically year to year from age 20 to age 50 … we change our concept of who we are. And certainly when you really get deep into your design, your concept really changes, because you realize that who you thought you were is only part of the story.

However you’re still living your life, and life is giving you all kinds of clues about that. So just consider, you don’t have to you know pull out the Definitive Guide of Human Design or any of the other human design resources that you have, to really study this. Your life is going to show you.

So who do you know yourself to be? And how are your habits supporting or not supporting who you know yourself to be?

So just observe what are you doing, how are you taking care of your body ,what are you doing for work , what decisions and choices are you making in your relationships or your day-to-day daily living activities that either add more stress to you (or reduce it)?

Because remember, if you’re moving through life in a way that’s really aligned with your design, …. there’s going to be more ease. Not that life is going to be perfect. But there’s just going to be more ease and flow in your life.

So your clue in life (about the changes that you need to make) is those choices that you make that are creating more stress or creating more resistance, and not allowing you to really move and flow with how your body and your sensibility really wants to go; or how your body and soul really want to flow.

So I’m gonna leave you with that question at this point. I have a few other things other questions, but … I realized that I was on the verge of giving you a big data dump and overwhelming you.

So I’d love to know what your comments are. I’d love for you to take this back; take this awareness into your life. Consider this as you move through your day and come back and give me some feedback on that. … what are you seeing, what are you observing. What are your habits and choices that are supporting you? What are your habits and choices that aren’t. So you can leave those in the comments box.

I’m doing this (video) because last month I was inspired or called to offer a program called the Self-Care Reboot. … I will post a link down below.

I know that self-care and your habits around the way you take care of yourself are really important. And if you’re interested in joining us for a deeper dive please go and check out the link to the Self-Care Reboot.

It’s going to be kind of a combination of self-study and some live group work that’s optional. Because a lot of times, if you’re ready to really look at your habits and make changes, you’re kind of overstressed and overwhelmed. So I’m working on slowing things down and allowing or creating an opening for a you to come in at any level that you need to come in…

So go ahead and just take a deep breath. I’m getting ready to start my the rest of my day and maybe you are partway through your day and want to just take a little pause here. Allow any awarenesses … or allow or intend to be shown or to see the awarenesses that you need to see about the habits that you’ve created or that you’re practicing, that either serve or don’t serve who you know yourself to be at this point.

So that’s it for today. Have a lovely weekend, and there will be more to come… Until the next time, be well.

Details about the Self-Care Reboot:

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