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Individual Circuitry – Why You Need to be You!


When I finished that last post on individual circuitry, I had one more thought. And I’ve been meaning just to sit down and share that with you really quickly, so here it is.

If you aren’t sure what individual circuitry is, go back to my previous post.  

If you have individual circuitry, you have a very very important role to fulfill by being yourself.  I talked at length about that in the last post, but I just want to add this one little thought about why it’s so important for you to be who you are, and not to be afraid to really step into and fully live those codes for change that you’re designed to live…

If you if you’re an individual. If you are designed with individual circuitry… When you live that … When you live your life being primarily concerned with yourself… with your own creations… with your life … no matter how other people judge that…  (I know people judge that in our society as being

selfish and self-absorbed and all of those things that would keep you from, or persuade you from not really wanting to live that aspect of yourself. I get that.) but if you don’t live that part of yourself, then the rest of us don’t get that example of how to live as ourselves. We don’t get to understand what it means and how valuable it is to live being concerned about ourselves.

This isn’t really being selfish when you’re concerned about yourself.  It’s not about forgetting everybody else and treating everybody badly, when you’re really truly living in alignment with that individuality in your in your circuitry. You are transmitting and emitting to other people that energy of what it means to truly march to your own beat … to march to a different drummer.

And then the rest of us get empowered by that! So when you’re not living from your individuality, you’re really denying the rest of us the opportunity to be empowered by your example.  So please, if you have predominantly individual circuitry, or if there are aspects of you … aspects of your channels that are in the individual circuitry … please, please, please step into that. Step into the power of that, because the rest of us are waiting to be empowered by you.

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