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The Undefined Spleen + Blitz Mini-Sessions

Undefined Spleen – One Gift and One Challenge

Want to learn about how having an undefined spleen center can be a gift and a challenge? Watch this interview with Bingz Huang… 4/6 Generator and healer extraordinaire! Bingz shares how one of her greatest healing gifts comes from having an undefined spleen. She also shares her experience with one of the undefined spleen’s common challenges. 
Click on the image to watch the video.

Do you have an experience that you’d like to share about your spleen center? Contact me to discuss being interviewed.

Blitz Mini Sessions
This Week!

My intuition is telling me to build my spontaneity muscles. It will help me to have a better relationship with my defined spleen. It might’ve even taken too long to get this together. We’ll see.  But now that I’m prepared, you’ll probably see this offering more often. 

These are quick, laser-focused, one to one sessions. They’re announced on short notice to my email recipients and followers on social media.

I’ve opened up some spaces in my schedule this week for these sessions. The hours may shift a bit as we go. I’m feeling like there needs to be some evening hours, but I’m waiting to see how some other things fall into place. If you want evening hours, like my Facebook page. Updates will be posted there.

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