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Realigning the Need to Perfect

 Something inside me snapped yesterday.

I could attribute it on the super full moon and lunar eclipse, or just the fact that I had had enough. Whatever the cause, the result is a massive realignment in the way I go about how I perfect my business.

The need to perfect is hardwired into me through the the channel 58/18. This is the channel of “Judgement”. It contains in it the energy of joy (which comes from the root center) and the energy to correct (which comes from the spleen center). I usually say that the 58/18 is about correcting patterns so that mankind can have more joy. But perhaps it’s more about living in joy so that the corrections that are made lead us to the next level of perfection.

Needless to say, perfectionism can take over when you have this energy running through you. And that’s what’s been happening with me. The need to perfect was starting to cut me off from the joy of life and my business. And oddly enough, I had a big visceral ephiphany in my spleen yesterday, that I was working at things that were slowing down my spontaneity…. which is what the spleen is all about! (Read my article on The Defined Spleen and the Cat if you want to know more about this.)

What Snapped…

A couple of weeks ago I did a one hour online workshop about  finding your creative genius in your Human Design chart. It was a spontaneous kind of thing that I easily put together and got out. Twenty one people registered for the class. This was my highest registration ever. It showed me how well spontaneity works for me, as a splenically defined person. 

So here’s the rub…. Conventional business wisdom dictates that an online class that’s offered live can easily be edited and offered as a download … to create a passive income stream. That would not be a problem if it weren’t for my need to perfect and correct.  I like to go through my classes and edit out every intimate details that a student shares, and all of my um’s and thinking out loud moments.

After about 6 hours of doing this … (for a one hour class!!!!) … and struggling with a woefully inadequate video editing program that kept shutting down… (every 45 minutes to an hour)… I finally snapped!

There will be no more deep editing… no long hours of production that’s keeping me from my joy.  And since I don’t have the funds yet to pay someone the hundreds of dollars to edit my videos, they will just have to wait until I have the energy and inspiration to polish them up a little at a time…. or just not get produced at all.

The truth is, I have about 3 half-complete video classes in my vault. I get overwhelmed and burned out with the process and just drop them. They’re like the ghosts of workshops past. But my spleen beckons me to move forward with vitality into the realm of the NOW.

Labor intensive video editing was keeping me in the past. I was losing momentum and joy. My undefined sacral center was over-taxed with work that I’m not designed to do. And most of all I was losing out on new NOW moments to connect with you!

How I’m Realigning My Need to Perfect

Contained within the circuitry that includes my 58/18 channel, is the logical energy of repetition. Repetition creates perfection and mastery. It’s fueled by the endurance of the root center, which leads to the experience of vitality and spontaneity of the spleen center. What feels more enlivening to me is to allow my need to perfect to be informed by the experience of joy.

So I hereby release the torture of being mired down in hours of trying to perfect what was created in the past. Instead I will focus my energies on the momentum of creating offerings from my creative inspiration in the NOW. And I will repeat that process over and over until it becomes a system that brings increasing success into your life and more ease and joy into mine.

This means that I have to trust my intuition. I have to free myself as much as possible to move on something when the energy is there to move. And I have to be ok with the possibility that some things won’t work out. (As my 3/5 profile often requires)

A Note about Decision Making

Do you want to follow this and see where it goes? You’re invited to participate in future spontaneous offerings, and to engage with me in ways that feel correct for you. 

If you have a splenic decision making authority, you probably already recognize whether or not my stuff is for you right now. Trust that and move with your inspiration around how you want to engage.

If you have a sacral authority, your sacral response is either giving you the “uh huh” or “un un”. Again, trust and move in the moment.

If your decision making authority requires you to take more time before engaging, you’re invited to stick around. You may miss out on some of the short notice offerings, but overall you will get clarity over time about whether or not there’s something valuable here for you.


You’re invited to check out my next spontaneous workshop… Tracking the Transits

2 thoughts on “Realigning the Need to Perfect”

  1. I really enjoy your content and will keep an eye out for more of your offerings! (5/1 Generator here) I enjoy expanding my Human Design understanding through various perspectives. I think our unique individual designs allows us to offer each other a fresh perspective on all the various aspects at play.
    Have a fabulous weekend!


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