Thriving in the Mercury Retrograde

snow from the porchCan you believe that we’re in the last month of the year? Here in East Tennessee, we’ve already had our first snow.

It puts me in a festive mood when I see snow in December. It’s like a little reminder from nature to quiet my heart and take in the wonder that it has to offer.

If you’ve been feeling stalled or frustrated over the past week or so, remember that we’re in a Mercury retrograde period at the moment. And in spite of all of the trepidation that’s generated around the fear of communications and electronics going haywire (because of the “dreaded Mercury retrograde”), it actually is a supportive energy. It’s like a little reminder from the cosmos to slow downreview, reflect and prepare. When life moves forward again, you will be in a much clearer place to move forward with it.

Here’s a perfect example of how Mercury retrograde works. Last month I sat down and scheduled out all of my workshops for next year … yes …. down to the day and time. The day after I got it all on paper, Mercury went retrograde, and suddenly new information came in that changed much of what I laid out. I was expecting this. You know the saying … “Man plans and God laughs”?That’s kind of how the retrograde experience works.

I’m looking forward to sharing some new offerings with you soon. But it’s not time yet. Details are still being altered and worked out.

So while we’re waiting, let’s take some time each day to enjoy the wonder of the life we’re living. Let’s dare to sit with tea and wait for all the pieces of the future to fall in place. Let’s put ourselves in the creative flow while the details work themselves out. That’s what I’m doing. How about you?

If you want some support for whatever you’re experiencing this time of year, you’re invited to go over to my End of Year Celebration page to get some free meditations, recordings, and sale offerings to help you out.
End of YearCelebration

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