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How Not to Get Stuck in the Drama-Sphere

Have you been feeling distracted lately? Are you having dips in your emotions and energy levels? There’s a lot going on in the “drama-sphere” right now that can leave you feeling insecure, powerless, overwhelmed and uncertain. 

Here’s a little reminder…

You can’t really trust that you’re accurately seeing what’s happening out there in the world at large or even in your personal life. It’s mostly a projection of perception that’s filtered through your history and habits. And if it feels chaotic, threatening, confusing, or stressful, it doesn’t really reflect the true strength and power that you possess inside. 

Do you want to come back to your inner strength and power? You can, by understanding and living from the truth of who you are and how you’re designed to interface with the world. In Human Design “speak” this is known as your definition. It’s seen in the colored in areas on your Human Design chart. 

Human Design Chart - Definition & Openness
The colored in areas reflect what you can trust about yourself. The white areas reflect how you’re influenced by others.

The problem is that your openness, depicted by the white areas on your chart, tends to hold onto and amplify what’s present in your personal drama-sphere.  In some instances, you become the drama queen. You become the fearful or anxious one, when, in truth, you may have just been significantly influenced by someone else’s anxiety, fear or emotional drama.

The point of having openness in your energy field is not to have your power stripped away by forces outside of your control. It’s so that you can feel what’s coming to you from others and become wise about how to deal with it. Your openness and sensitivity can lead you to deep levels of awareness and inner strength, when you know what’s coming to you and how to deal with it.

There are many ways that you can absorb and amplify other people’s energies, depending on your unique design. And there are many ways that you can live out the strengths in your definition. When you anchor yourself in the consistency of what makes you you, and are able to flow with the rest, you no longer have to be at the mercy of the chaos and drama around you. You will feel more clear, balanced and resilient, regardless of what’s happening in the drama-sphere.

Want to get a good look at your Human Design Chart? I am happy to send you a copy, along with my Harmonious Work and Life Human Design Kit.  Just go here to order it.

2 thoughts on “How Not to Get Stuck in the Drama-Sphere”

  1. Spot on Sandy! I found myself very anxious with the hurricane in TX. There were lots of issues/situations whirling around inside and out of me. Eventually, I had the insight that .. what was going on didn’t belong to me, and I was amplifying the surroundings. Stepping back and grounding myself kicked in some serenity.
    So something good (insightful) came out of the movie and madness for me, thanks to H.D.
    Love the article, and thank you for sharing.


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