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Human Design Guidance to Feel at Home With Yourself

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In a previous video I talked about how you can’t really receive the abundance that you’re here to have and that clarity you need for your next steps toward your heart’s desires, unless you’re at home… inside yourself. I invited you in that video to begin to pay attention to when you feel centered and relaxed, comfortable in your own skin and in the flow of life.

 In that video I asked you to pay attention to when you feel this way and when you don’t.  Then it occurred to me that the pace of life is so fast. And a lot of us get caught up in what’s going on around us to the point where we forget to tune in inside.

I want to give you an anchor for you to begin to notice when you feel at home inside or when you don’t.  And that can be your cue to let you know when you’re starting to get a little off center… when you’re leaving home for the proverbial package of abundance, rather than staying grounded inside yourself, so that you can get in the flow of being moved to wherever it is.

What I want to give you comes from Human Design. If you’re new to Human Design you will need your Human Design chart. You can get it by signing us for my Harmonious Work and Life Kit. You will need to know your energy type.

Each energy type has a “not-self theme”. That’s the term that’s used in traditional Human Design. It’s how you know when you’re literally not being yourself… when you’re not at home in your own skin, operating from a place of authenticity.  Let’s go through each of the energy types and your not-self theme.  

Generator and Manifesting Generator: Not-self theme of frustration

You’re here to use the motorized energy in your body to do work and activities which are satisfying. When you’re not at home inside, you will feel frustration. When you’re at home you will feel satisfaction.

Projector: Not-self theme of bitterness

Bitterness arises when Projectors are overworked and exhausted. Projectors aren’t here to work like Generators and Manifesting Generators. They’re here to see others and guide them. The bitterness comes up when they aren’t feeling successful at being recognized for their guidance.

If you’re a Projector pay attention to when you feel bitter. Then feel and notice when you’re being recognized and invited to guide other people. And feel  how that makes you feel successful.

Manifestor: Not-self theme of anger

Manifestors don’t need to have a metaphorical stationary home. They can imagine that their inner home is more like a motor home… because they’re always on the move. Manifestors need to initiate people and then move on to the next creative project.

Anger comes up when you’re not informing other people, who will be impacted by your actions, about what you’re going to do.  So either they will get angry because they don’t know what you’re doing. Or you will get angry because they didn’t get what you were going to do.

If you’re a Manifestor  pay attention to when anger flares up. Also pay attention to when you feel at peace. When you feel at peace, your environment will feel peaceful.

Reflector: Not-self theme of disappointment

If you’re one of the rare few who is a Reflector, your not-self theme is disappointment. And your cue that you’re really grounded is when you feel surprise.

Reflectors are here to reflect back the health of the group that they’re among. They’re really good with groups. And I imagine that a Reflector gets disappointed when the group is not at home… centered and doing well.  (I don’t know enough of them to know for sure).  Then there is probably a sense of surprise and delight when they are able to easily flow and move through the group of people that they reflect.


I want to encourage you to pay attention to your not-self theme and its counterpart when you check in with yourself.   

This is especially important when you’ve been around other people. When we’re around others, we’re often influenced by them. This is when we have a tendency to dim our own light or bend over backwards to connect with others in ways that may not be healthy and balanced for us. This is how we leave ourselves and miss what’s being delivered to us inside ourselves.

If you want to know more about your Human Design chart, please consider joining me for the “Human Design for Beginners” class.

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