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Do You Feel at Home?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how you can’t really receive the abundance that’s coming to you unless you’re actually at home. The analogy I like to use is when you order something from Amazon. You don’t go to the fulfillment station to pick up your package. It’s delivered to your home.

When it comes to being receptive and opening up to what’s coming to you, you’ve got to be at home in yourself order to receive it. Being at home in yourself is about being grounded, being free from worry, and being still and trusting enough to have the patience to wait at home within yourself for the clarity and the next step to show up.

Begin to pay attention to when you actually feel at home within yourself… meaning free from worry… free from the concerns of your obligations… and feeling still and relaxed inside. One thing that will help you get to that point is to spend as much time as possible in nature. And if you’re in a climate that’s warm right now, it helps to go barefoot and literally ground yourself into the earth.

I have more thoughts on this that I’ll share at a later date. For now, spend time paying attention to and asking yourself “do I feel at home?” And when you’re around others tune into whether or not you feel at home inside yourself. Do you feel grounded? Do you feel centered? Do you feel like yourself? Or do you feel distracted by the influences and the noise of other people and the environment around you?

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