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A Human Design Perspective on Writer’s Block

If you’re a writer or blogger, or if you struggle to create content consistently for your business, it may be because the energy is not present for you to express when you’re trying to push yourself to meet a deadline. This video is one explanation of this experience through the lens of my personal experience with Human Design.

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2 thoughts on “A Human Design Perspective on Writer’s Block”

    1. That is so true. The beauty of understanding your design is that you can come to understand the source of your anxieties and release them. When there’s no energy there can be anxiety, because there’s a tendency to think that you have to do something about it .. now. There can also be anxiety when you’re around others who exude energy that is amplified and distorted by your body’s system. You can get triggered into reactions like stage fright or mental confusion. You bring up a very good point about anxiety. It’s a huge driver in many people’s lives that keep them from expressing in the most empowered way possible. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing.

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