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Sliding Fee Scale Results and Gratitude

The sliding scale fee experiment ended at the end of June. What a soul-satisfying, spirit-lifting experience! My heart is full of gratitude for those who participated. It was deeply fulfilling to meet so many new people and to serve some who might not otherwise have been able to afford to get a full Human Design Reading. All I can say is that there are some incredible people on this planet, and it was wonderful to have that confirmed first hand.

Here’s what I discovered during this experiment….

  1. Giving openly without attachment to the outcome frees my spirit. It helps me to fulfill my dharma of service. And it opens me up to the joy of surprise.
  2. There are a significant number of people who follow me who dearly want to learn and grow, and they perhaps don’t have the funds for a full Human Design reading.
  3. People integrate information in different ways and have widely varying needs for how they receive a Human Design reading.

I was also reminded that as Human Design Projector with the gate 30 line 4 (burnout) in her moon,  that I’m extra susceptible to pushing myself to the point of exhaustion. Therefore it isn’t sustainable for me to offer the sliding scale fee as the standard pricing arrangement in my practice. I may bring back the sliding scale from time to time… because it was sooo much fun! … But for now, I still must make enough to pay the bills without permanently putting myself out of commission.

I do love the excitement of experimentation, and have come up with some ideas for bringing Human Design to you in tailored and accessible ways. 

Here’s are some of the things I’m offering now. And I will rely on your feedback to help me refine my offerings over time to fit your needs …

  1. New Class – “Human Design for Beginners (and Enthusiasts with a Beginners Mind)

    • If there is interest, this will be a monthly class that you can attend as many times as you like.
    • The pricing is just $20!
    • You will get a recording of the class even if you can’t attend live.
    • First class is Sunday June 9th!
    • Read about it HERE
  2. New Group – “Small Group Human Design Chart Exploration”

    – A customized learning experience for people who want to explore their human design charts with others.

    • Group size is limited to 7
    • Each person will get a mini-chart reading
    • Only registered participants will receive the recording
    • If there is interest this will be a monthly event that you can attend as many times as you like.
    • The pricing is just $40
    • First event is Saturday July 22nd!
    • Read about it HERE
  3. New Ways to Get a Human Design Reading

In addition to the standard 60 and 90 minute private sessions that I offer, I’ve also added a couple of packages which will allow you to take in the information and integrate it at your pace.

(3 short sessions scheduled over 4 weeks)

Understand the basics of your Human Design chart in three digestible bites.  

Read about it HERE

(4 sessions to be scheduled over 4 to 8 weeks)

When you ‘re new to Human Design it can take some time to digest and integrate the information you receive. Inevitably questions come up as you move through the process of applying your newfound way of being to your life situations. This package gives you foundational information + synthesis of pertinent aspects of your chart as they apply to your current issues.

Read about it HERE

I hope that you’ll continue on this adventure with me as we continue to explore various ways for you to get to know yourself through the lens of Human Design. As always it starts with your free chart. You’re invited to get it Here along with the Harmonious Work and Life Human Design Kit.

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