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Single and Split Definition in the Human Design Chart

Definition is a very important thing to understand on your Human Design chart. In general, the term definition refers to the colored in areas in your chart. These are areas where your energy functions in a consistent way through the energy centers, and where you experience consistent themes through the gates and channels.

One of my clients, who is doing some self-study about her design through Karen Curry’s book, “Understanding Human Design”, emailed me with this question…

Q: I have begun my journey of looking into my chart… Can you explain single definition?
A: Single definition is when you have two or more centers that are all connected to each other. There are no other sets of centers which don’t connect.
In your chart you have the root and solar plexus connected and no other Single Definitiondefined centers that are not connected to those two. That makes you single definition. It means that you are fairly independent in the way that you feel around other people.
Your energy is self contained and it’s not reaching out for others to complete you. Your conditioning is experienced mainly through the undefined centers.
split definitonIf you had a split definition you would have two (or more) sets of defined centers that don’t connect to each other. You would feel the energetic need to be around others to make you feel complete. And you might feel like you function with two or more separate aspects to your personality. 
Do you have a split definition or a single definition? To find out, you are invited to order your free Human Design chart.

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