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Experimenting with Fees

Although this experiment has ended, I do still keep a few spaces open in my schedule for sliding scale clients. Please message me for details about availability and fees if you feel that you need a sliding scale.

There is a philosophy that many prosperity and abundance gurus teach. They say that if you are not willing to charge at the upper limit of your comfort zone, then you undervalue yourself. I get the general reasoning behind this. And God knows that I am vulnerable to undercharging for my services. However, I also recognize that my services have nothing to do with my intrinsic value. Regardless of what I charge, I am still a valuable and worthy person.

Recently I discovered a personal truth about my value and worth that I can no longer ignore…

If I’m not serving the people I am here to serve, then I’m not expressing my full value and worth.

Another thing that these so-called abundance experts say is that if a person does not pay top-dollar for a service, then they won’t value it. That has not been my experience either. When you are struggling financially, the threshold of what you can truly, in your heart (and wallet) afford, may be in reality, limited. And without some outside assistance, you may continue to stay stuck in a cycle where you struggle, because you didn’t get the crucial guidance you needed that would lead you out of the struggle.

My experience, personally and with most clients, tells me that what is not paid in money is usually paid in effort. In the times when I have been given a financial break, I really needed it, and was way more motivated to give it everything I had to get the most out of what I was getting. The same is true for those in a similar circumstance who have sought assistance from me. I very rarely get approached by bargain seekers, but I do often encounter people who are stranded and struggling because they are trying to figure it out on their own.

I know what it is like to want (and actually need) outside assistance and not be able to afford it. I know what it is like to be told that if I really wanted it I would find a way to pay for it. I have had to make the hard choice to either pay for a service at the high-end rate or to pay for groceries. It felt awful to be in that place, and to know that I had to make a choice between eating and my personal growth. At that time I chose to eat. I went without the crucial guidance that, in retrospect, would have saved me some painful struggle along the way.

It’s possible that my finances may have increased if I had taken the risk to get the help that I needed at the time (as some of the abundance experts insist). But my history showed me something entirely different. And in the midst of painful financial struggle, I was afraid to take one more risk.

Are you afraid to get the guidance that you feel you need because you’re afraid to take the financial risk?

Have you been struggling on your own to figure out how to align with your design, while your money situation continues to get more challenging?

Do you live in an area of the world where your income is suffering because the economy is suffering?

 I get this! I truly get it.

For a while now, I have felt a weight on my heart, because I know that the only thing standing between some of the people I am here to serve and the assistance they need, is my fee. And while it is in alignment with what the experts say I “should” charge, my heart (and some of you) keep telling me that I haven’t quite hit the sweet spot where we can all be mutually supported. 

Here’s what I propose…

creative money foodLet’s do an experiment. For the next 6 weeks (until June 31st 2017), my published hourly rate is temporarily suspended! Instead you can pay according to what you feel is a reflection of the investment you’re making in your inner growth that is in alignment with your personal economy.

When paying, you may also want to take into account

  • What you comfortably spend on other self-care and personal growth services
  • What you can responsibly spend
  • The “stretching point”… the amount that would take you just far enough out of your comfort zone that you would put in extra effort to make sure you get your money’s worth from your investment

I do still have a need to buy groceries and eat, so I have posted some general guidelines (according to income) that you can follow when making the decision of what to pay. These guidelines reflect what I feel is fair based on what I have seen that works in various economies.

Please message me for more information about the sliding scale.

At the end of the 6 weeks I will have a good idea of whether or not to there is a need to institute a permanent sliding scale fee schedule for some people, or whether my hourly rate needs to be adjusted.

If you want to experiment with me, you are invited to go to my services page, choose your service and schedule your appointment(s).  You will be given a link to pay via (PayPal) at the time of your first appointment. I ask that you make your payment immediately.

*Does not include courses or coaching packages at this time. If you want a series of sessions, you can schedule and pay for them individually while the sliding fee scale experiment is in effect.

Your input along way is very much appreciated. Together we will create a system of exchange that truly works for us. In doing so, we become our own “so-called experts” in the way that we value and support each other’s gifts, talents and potential.

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