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Why It’s Good to Burn Down Your Life

Last week a huge invitation (which is a big deal for us Human Design Projectors) ended. It felt like a big fire had released a lot of energy in my life. The ending moved quickly, and a lot of debris was burned away in the process.

Some of the people in my life are shocked. Some have expressed disappointment. They look around and see all of the work I put in and all of the growth that happened as a result of this invitation, and to them it looks like ruin and failure.

When I stand in the middle of my life, and look at the charred pieces of what once held great promise, I see how my foundation has been enriched. I see how the things that were planted and grew, (which are no longer), were necessary for the burning away process to occur. 

Have you ever had pieces of your life go up in flames? Were you left feeling the way that some of the people in my life felt? … like perhaps you wasted your time or you failed at something? Don’t waste your energy digging around in the rubble for what once was. All of those ashes and charred pieces of once living intentions can nourish new growth in your life.

Here in the semi-rural part of Eastern Tennessee, just about everyone has a burn pile in

“A good fire makes for fertile ground.”

their yard. It’s where you put all the tree limbs which were blown down in the latest storms, and your leaves and yard debris. Last year we accumulated a large pile of miscellaneous yard debris and burned it down. What was left was a heap of ashes.

Some miscellaneous plant life began to crop up in the ashes last Spring. Pretty soon we discovered that a family of rabbits had moved in to take shelter under the plant life. And then, much to my delight, a vine began to grow from the burn pile. That vine produced 6 gourds, from seemingly nowhere. One of my favorite hobbies is to create art from gourds. I had not planted gourds for myself that year, but the gourds grew as a gift to me.

A good fire makes for fertile ground. New life and amazing gifts can flourish when the old is burned away.

This latest fire in my life has reignited my passion for service in this business of mine. The burning charred remnants of last year’s adventures have enriched me with  new nourishment, confidence and vigor. I have some ideas about offering some different things in different ways to those who follow me. My ideas are part of a more refined business framework which is emerging.

It’s hard to know, without your input, what would be useful for you. Do you have time to give me your honest feedback on some of my ideas? If so, I have a survey that you are invited to fill out.

It would help me to get clear on how you can best be served.

At the end of the survey, you will be invited to get a complimentary 30 minute mini session with me. You don’t have to redeem it, but it would be a pleasure to work with you. You also don’t have to stick to Human Design. You can try any of the techniques which are mentioned in the survey.

Do you want to give some feedback and get a free session in exchange?

Go to the Survey!


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