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Is Your Monkey Mind Keeping You from Getting Over the Border?

A few weeks ago I did a recorded interview / conversation with Patrick Davis, Executive Coach and fellow Human Design Projector. He introduced me to his coaching process a while back, and it made a huge difference in the way that I perceive and work with the mental chatter that keeps me from breaking through my own borders.

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Human Design teaches us that we get thrown off of our true course in life when the mind drives our experience.  We would get to our destination with greater ease if the mind became the passenger and just observed the ride. We’re also taught that each energy type has a strategy which, when followed, brings them what they need to thrive in the right timing. Most energy types have a strategy to wait. What each type is waiting for is different. They’re either waiting for an opportunity to respond, an invitation, or clarity over time. (You can discover your strategy by ordering your Human Design Kit).

It’s the waiting that often trips people up. And while following your strategy will ultimately allow you to develop”passenger consciousness”… (to become the observer and the allower of experience rather than the controller), the vacuum that is created by waiting can be a playground for the mind to continue to monkey around. And the journey to passenger consciousness can be unnecessarily bumpy if there are no other tools to bring about more ease in the process. The mind (or the “monkey mind” as we reference it in the interview) worries. It tells stories. It wants to act on the ideas that it projects into the vacuum before the conditions are right. So instead of being the relaxed observer that it is designed to be, it panics when you’re heading toward the border that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Our discussion is centered around a book by Dr. Maria Nemeth, “Mastering Life’s Energies, Simple Steps to a Luminous Life at Work and Play”.  Patrick trained under Dr. Nemeth, and applies the principle of the book in his coaching practice.  We discussed how the work in the book relates to Human Design and life in general.

The concepts in this book, when applied, can help you build practical skills for getting over the border to your breakthroughs without letting the monkey mind hold you back.

At the end we threw out an idea to possibly form a year long study / practice of the book. We are waiting to see what emerges from that idea. If this is something that resonates with you. Please use the contact form to let us know about your interest.

Please Enjoy the Video



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