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Why Work Life Balance is Elusive

I was sharing this site with a few women the other day and they immediately agreed that the perfect balance in life and work is very much a quest that rarely gets fulfilled for any length of time.  They resoundingly nodded and agreed that they too seek to manage careers and a personal life without getting burned out or exhausted by either. And they very much agreed that much of what they depend upon is their ability to continue to build and tweak their self-care skills. Yet as soon as they think they have balance in their lives something changes.

So why is it a constant challenge to achieve the kind of perpetual equilibrium that keeps life rolling along with few bumpy experiences?

Life is dynamic, therefore the art of staying balanced is dynamic.

I sometimes give my clients a self assessment tool called “The Wheel of Life”. What my clients and I have learned by working with this tool is that the wheel of life is just a snapshot of the forces which ebb and flow from moment to moment. If they get too caught up in attempting to even everything out their wheel they actually stifle the life-force which has the potential to move through them. 

The pursuit of work life balance is like surfing.

If you were surfing rather than riding on a wheel, you would be required to make adjustments from moment

The pursuit of work life balance is like surfing

to moment to stay on top of the waves. Consider applying the idea of surfing to your day to day experience. If you set the intention to ride your wave of ups and downs as gracefully and joyfully as possible you can continually to make small adjustments as you go. It takes a strong core, a lot of presence and well maintained equipment to keep outside forces from toppling you over. However the ride through the ever changing flow of life demands it.

Let’s change the perception of work life balance into a more dynamic concept.  

Use the wheel of life to check in with yourself, but don’t fool yourself into believing that you can achieve an eternal perfection of balance. Balance requires flexibility and resilience. So why not ride in the mystery of the flow rather than on a tire that keeps deflating in places no matter how hard you try to keep it round and rolling?

Want to know how you can surf the waves in your life and maintain your balance? You are invited to order the free Human Design Kit.



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