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The Productivity Killer That May Not Be Your Fault

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to be productive. Regardless of how many co-working appointments you make with your colleagues or how well you schedule your day, it just seems like you can’t get anything done. If you tend to run out of fuel before you have completed a project or before the week comes to a close, it could be that you have tired yourself out without even realizing it. This is a sign that you may not be working according to your energy type and productivity style.

Impeccable self-care can prevent work fatigue and burnout to a certain degree. But if you find that you’re doing everything right in terms of the basics of rest, exercise and diet,  and you’re still running out of steam on a regular basis, there are two other possible causes for the loss off energy for your work.  You are designed to work and use your energy in a certain way. So don’t kick yourself if you’re not as productive as you would like. It could just be that you are working in ways that contradict your inherent design.

Productivity Killer #1 – Inconsistent Energy to Work

Thirty percent of people on the planet are hardwired to work inconsistently. Their bodies are made to be productive by working in spurts. The grind of a 40 hour work week without sufficient rest can deeply and adversely affect the health of a person with this type of a design. These are the people who appear to have lots of energy when they are around others. They may even be seen as the hardest worker in the group. They may feel like they can work longer than harder than anyone around them. But once they’re alone they will quickly feel their own deep exhaustion.  This is because they’re riding on the work energy of others. They’re designed to do this to a certain degree. And it may work for them for a while. But if they push themselves to keep up with their peers for a long period of time their bodies will suffer and burnout.

This doesn’t mean that these people are deficient in any way. It means that they don’t fit into the box of what we normally think of as work… you know…  the 9-5,  7 days a week schedule… or in this day and age much longer. These people are here to serve a different purpose in the work world, and need to order their work activities in a different way so they can fulfill their purpose. There are actually three different Human Design types who aren’t wired to work consistently. Their type and purpose differ as well…

  1. Manifestors are designed to initiate projects after getting clarity and informing those who will be impacted by their actions. Once they initiate they will feel the need to move on to the next thing. If they don’t know this about themselves they will get mired down in trying to follow through with details that really should be left to other people. They need to give themselves permission to initiate others to complete what they start, so that they’re free to rest up before they start the next thing.
  2. Projectors are designed to guide and advise others when invited to do so. They have the capacity to know other people deeply and to master systems which would make other’s lives better. When they accept invitations from the right people for the right things the energy is there for them to work in a spurt to impart their wisdom. Then they must withdraw for a while and rest until the next time they are needed. Projectors thrive in work situations where they can have the flexibility to take long breaks to recharge and rejuvenate.
  3. Reflectors are designed to reflect the well-being of the people around them. These people have a special gift for working with groups. They are extremely open to the influences in their environment, and must have plenty of time to make decisions and plenty of room to change their mind. They often appear to drift from thing to thing. As long as they are moving toward things that are healthy they will maintain their energy and be healthy as well. The confinement of working in just one way can exhaust and drain them. They need flexibility and space to fulfill their function.

Productivity Killer #2 – Working at the Wrong Things

For the other seventy percent of the population, nothing is more draining than the wrong job or the wrong approach to a job.

The Human Design Generator makes up the majority of the traditional work force. These people thrive on work. They have the generative energy to work consistently for long periods of time. And nothing is more satisfying to them than completing a day where they got a lot of things accomplished.

However when the Generator does work that doesn’t use their gifts and energies in the right way they will become frustrated. And although they may have the energy to sustain that work for a while, they will eventually feel drained and exhausted from the effort.

Fortunately the Generator energy type has a built in way of knowing what work is good for them and what is not. That term “follow your gut” is meant for them. They will find that their gut… or their sacral motor (as we call it in Human Design) will naturally produce a gutteral noise which usually sounds like “Uh huh” for yes, and “un un” for no. When they follow this in accordance with their timing for clarity they will never go wrong.


Everyone is hardwired to be productive in a different way. Your Human Design type doesn’t have hinder your productivity when you know how you’re designed to work and manage your energy.



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