Fulfill Your Soul-Driven Mission

Energetic Guidance for Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Seekers Who Want to Use All of Their Gifts to Serve the World

Sandy Freschi Intuitive Human Design Life Coach

Are Your Gifts and Talents Going Unnoticed and Unrewarded?

You can fulfill your soul-driven mission and be abundantly rewarded when you embrace your gifts and use your talents to the fullest.

When you’re called to make your contribution to the world,

you must have the power to stand out as yourself when others expect you to fit in.

You must have the courage to shine brightly when others are hiding in their own shadows.

You must have the vision to trust what’s ahead as you embrace your true nature and lead the way forward.

Illuminate Your Path

Uncover your true nature. See your strengths clearly. Shine light on your authentic path to fulfillment.

Ignite Your Journey

Turn on your magnetism. Spark your intuition. Enliven your inner spirit to guide you on your journey.

Shine Your Light

Naturally share your inborn talent with those you’re here to serve. Bask in the glow of your success.

Free Your Magic and Unleash Your Gifts

  • Discover the gifts you have to share.
  • Activate your magic so that you never have to fit in to survive again.
  • Power up your authentic success and abundance processes so that you fulfill your soul-driven mission in the most expansive and prosperous ways.

Learn About the Divine Human Blueprint

Hey There Lovely!

You may have found me through Human Design. But did you know that prior to my certification as a Human Design Specialist, my work was focused on Soul healing in the Akashic Records?

Human Design is the premier tool for understanding how to best interact with the world around you as the human that you are today. But it doesn’t show you the full picture of who you have always been at soul-level. Your soul record contains all of the information about your inherent gifts, how you’ve used them in the past, and what needs to be healed and cleared so you can use them to the fullest now.

My personal team of healing guides have been nudging me for years to offer both Akashic Records soul wisdom and Human Design guidance. So I’m thrilled to bring forth all of it to support your quest to shine brightly and be prosperous in the world.

“I appreciated Sandy’s ability to combine her access to my soul records, with her deep understanding of my Human Design chart, to open my eyes to doors I hadn’t seen were there before; doors that could be the start of new personal and professional opportunities.”

Dolores S.


The Tools

The tools I use to connect you with your Divine Human Blueprint

01 Human Design

Your Human Design Blueprint reveals how you’re equipped to take the journey through your human experience. It’s like having an operator’s manual for your body and mind.

02 Soul Design

Explore who you are at soul-level through the Akashic Records. Your soul gifts and qualities remain constant throughout lifetimes and are the source of your creativity and abundance. Strengthen your spiritual connection. Heal what blocks you from experiencing your ultimate success and fulfillment.

Human Design Coaching

03 Integration and Application

Living your full potential as a Divine human being in everyday life can be challenging without a guide. Get ongoing support to help you stay connected, balanced, and empowered as you use your magic and shine your light.

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