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Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Thrive

There is a sweet spot where both work and life can nourish you. It exists in the place where “what’s yours to do” is naturally called out of you, because you have aligned with the design of how you’re here to “be”. The sweet spot lies, not in what you are doing, but how you are “being”.

Are you nourished by your work and life?

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By being you, in all of the authentic ways that may or may not be what others expect, you begin to discover that what you do for work and how you live your life have a natural flow and balance all their own.  When you understand and live in your personal flow (regardless of what that looks like to others) you move from surviving to thriving. You become resilient to the stresses that would otherwise throw you into insecurity and imbalance.  And you are able to let your true work and purpose emerge.

Resilience means that you can easily move from surviving to thriving!

  • You are inspired and focused
  • You are able to express and manifest with ease
  • You feel loved and valued
  • You are emotionally aware
  • Your instincts are sharp
  • You manage stress effectively
  • You are working at things that bring you joy, satisfaction and success

Do you want to discover your personal design for resilience?

You are invited to order your free “Harmonious Work & Life Human Design Kit”. You will discover how you are personally designed to have less stress in your life and more fulfillment in your work.


You were born with a personal blueprint for success and satisfaction. Isn’t it time to begin to live from it?

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