Do You Worry About Fulfilling Your Purpose?

Human Design teaches you that you don’t have to worry. You can trust yourself to make clear decisions!

Human Design shows you who you are… really, and how your clarity can be muddled by other peoples influences. When you know who you are and how you’re designed to get in touch with your inner wisdom and truth, you no longer have to waste energy wondering if you’re on the right track to fulfilling your purpose. You just relax and enjoy the ride.

New Workshop!

Visual Journaling to Unleash Your Soul

Part 1: January 25 * Part 2: February 1 * Part 3: February 8

Bonus Call for Early Birds: January 18th!

“Creative Genius by Design”

This workshop gives you the guidance, encouragement and practical support that you need to get your soul-centered visual journal started.


You can use your visual journal to deepen your understanding of..

Your Human Design chart

The astrological and archetypal influences that call to you

You soul’s personal symbolism and language

Your emotions, thoughts, inspirations

Your heart’s desires

The possibilities are endless!



Free Human Design Kit


Human Design helps you get in touch with your body’s inner guidance system for navigating through life. When you make decisions in the way that you were designed, you can leave conflicting advice behind. You can allow your mind to relax and release worry. And your body’s wisdom becomes the authority in your journey through life.