Does Your Sensitivity Keep You from Trusting Your Decisions?

Human Design teaches you how to trust yourself , make clear decisions and turn your sensitivity into a gift!

Empaths and sensitive people often live in a sea of other people’s emotions, thoughts and unhealed stuff. This is extremely challenging when it comes to knowing what’s best for you. It’s hard to separate out your thoughts and feelings from others. So as a result, you compromise your own truth, and can end up very far from where you know in your heart and soul that you want to be.

Human Design shows you exactly how you are affected by others, and gives you the tools to transform your sensitivity into the gift that it was meant to be.

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Human Design helps you get in touch with your body’s inner guidance system for navigating through life. When you make decisions in the way that you were designed, you can leave conflicting advice behind. You can allow your mind to relax and release worry. And your body’s wisdom becomes the authority in your journey through life.